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Core engagement

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Hi everyone, I have been told by teachers that I need to engage my core more during class. I can’t seem to find the right engagement. Most of the time I do not engage my core enough however when I do try to engage it, it feels as if I can’t breathe! I am doing a lot of strengthening exercises however I need to transfer this to my class work. Has anyone got any tips about the use of the core? Thank you! 

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The usage of your "core" in ballet is different than strengthening your core. One is about exercises specifically for strength and the other is about coordination. Coordinating how your core connects to the rest of your body is a key issue in achieving ballet technique. In ballet, we call this the placement of the body. The stomach muscles are gathered together with the waistline and middle back connecting the pelvis to the shoulders. I would suggest practicing this connection outside of ballet class and breath! Breathing is key.

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