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I'm stuck!

Guest Makayla

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Guest Makayla

I'm trying to figure out which class would be more beneficial to me. I can only take limited classes due to money.. and there are two classes I can't choose between, I can only take one. I have to choose between a conditioning class, which I have been in last year, that is awsome exercise. Or, I can take a choreography class taught by my favourite teacher who likes all the same dance styles as me.. hehe :(

I just can't choose! The exercise class would obviously make me stronger and more flexible. But... the choreography class would help me with dancing. Just... all of it probably :P I know this wouldn't replace the conditioning class, but I do pilates and other exercises and stretch every morning.

So I'm thinking maybe the choreography class would be good? Beacuse I do have to learn how to let go while dancing.. I dont know how to flow or 'feel' it and just have fun.


Does anyone have any suggestions? What do you think would be most beneficial to me?

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I say go with the choreography, Makayla! You can do the stretch and conditioning on your own, since you have had the class before. The opportunity to study choreography is relatively rare, and I think you should jump on that! :(

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