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Arch Pain

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I've seen a post like this before but slightly different problem. I've been feeling pain in my arch and heel  every time I come down from three quarter pointe. It doesn't happen (usually) when on I do full pointe. I do plan on seeing a doctor soon but I am also a figure skater and there just seems like there are more and more deadlines I have to meet. I was wondering if there was anyone else with a similar problem had any way to lessen the pain that actually worked. I'm not asking for a miracle fix. I know that pain just doesn't go away. I wish it did, but it can't. I've tried rolling it out with a tennis ball but that just seems to make it worse. It seems like my whole life is just being held together by KT Tape and Advil. Should I try consistent ice baths for them? I don't know if that would help because it only happens when I'm dancing...

(also if posting this is in any way against the rules, please let me know and feel free to remove it. I didn't see anything when reading it though.)

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