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I have been dancing since I was 2. I took two years of pre pointe and I moved up to the ballet/pointe class. This is my third year in it and I still have not gone en pointe. I’m 14 and my instructor hasn’t said anything to me about starting. My friend got hers her first year, and my teacher said that I had around a year before I was ready, but it’s been 2 years. I just want to go en pointe already. Am I ready?

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Please wait for a Teacher Moderator to reply. And in the meantime, paigeee, you can read Ms Leigh's Sticky about

Facts of Life about Pointe Work (please be aware that for the moment, the Pointe Shoe Forum is READ ONLY)

and there is a lot of information and advice about pointe readiness in this Young Dancers' forum, as well as the Pointe Shoe forum - you can gain a lot by reading our expert Teacher Moderators' responses to dancers asking the same question you have asked - it's quite a normal situation to be in, and frequent question.

We can't see you, so we can't really answer your question about readiness here. But you can read Ms Leigh's general advice about starting pointe work, and other dancers' first-hand experiences.

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