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Dealing with former teacher’s bitterness.


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How to deal with coming back to take a class on break with former teacher and they bash your student’s current year round program?  Walk away? And close that door? 

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I think honestly you just don't go back.  We had that situation.  While it was great to see the old friends, it wasn't worth some of the comments from former teacher.  So now when they go back "home", they either take a break and not dance or go to other open classes.  It's just not worth it.  There are other ways to try to try to restore goodwill, but exposing your kid to bashing just isn't worth it.

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we had that situation too. This was a teacher whose opinion I had valued... but after DD left he became fairly mean-spirited about his feedback. Fortunately it was to me and not to her...and he was the only teacher at DD's previous studio to have this opinion... everyone else was delighted to see her and her accomplishments.  As I've since observed, this teacher has a bit of an attitude and if he cannot take credit for something he will bash it.  As long as DD was "his" student, she was #1, but once she left, his attitude changed.  
She has been gone quite a while now and when she is back in town and able to take drop in classes, she is a bit of a celebrity to the younger dancers who really look up to her. The teacher with the attitude is only there one day a week and it is easy to avoid interaction with him. It's a shame, because I think he has a lot to share... if he could find a better way to communicate without putting others down. 

It is NOT worth the grief... just don't do back. Either take a break, focus on cross-training or find another studio. 

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Thank nynydancer and Mdballetmom.we did closed the door on that instructor and walked away from that ballet school as well,  and found someone else to take classes with,  who highly respects the year round program. Guess it’s part of journey but heartbreaking when someone , who once supportive of our student going away to their year round training, suddenly bashes the year round world renowned program. But yes we  have to focus on the road ahead and let it go. Love the ideal of cross training, we actually took some Pilates classes together over break.  

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