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Summer Intensive/Studio Company Audition


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I will be attending a summer intensive audition, and the school/company states that their SI auditions are also auditions for the studio company. I’m 17, and I am very interested in the studio company. I was wondering if I should tell someone at registration that I would like to be considered? 

Also, I wear ribbons on my flat shoes for my normal classes, (part of our dress code) but when I wear them to auditions sometimes I am the only one with ribbons. Does it matter, or should I take them off?

Thank you!

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Yes, please do note on your application form that you are also interested in Studio Co. It won't hurt.

As for your ribbons, wearing ribbons on your shoes should not hurt your opportunity. You will wear ribbons on your pointe shoes.

All the best to you in your auditions.

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