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How to assess likely success in choosing College Auditions


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famchronicles, my DD(now 20) ended up going more towards modern dance, but when we initially started looking (2014/2015) she was more ballet oriented.  Here are some other non NY or CA colleges that haven't been mentioned that were on a VERY preliminary list for her (in no specific order):  University of Cincinnati, University of Hartford, Boston Conservatory, BYU, Mercyhurst University, Towson, LaRoche and University of Missouri at Kansas City.  Some of these might be more toward the safety school end of things, so they might lack some of what the top tier schools or even 2nd tier schools have.  Also, I'm not sure about the focus, strength, etc. of these programs because DD did not apply to any of these schools and it has been years since I did any research on them.   However, I thought they were worth mentioning since they actually made her list when she was first contemplating college (along with about 30+ others!).  Best of luck to everyone in their search and auditions!

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Hi Amie,

Thank you so much. We are definitely trying to cast a wider net as they say and appreciate the input. Hopefully others who are looking into the college route will find it helpful as well. 

Thanks again!


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Contributions to a list so far for colleges that have ballet (Famchronicles, Amie and Threegirlpileup) and I will add to the bottom: NY and California are not included 

Butler, Indiana U, U of Arizona, SMU, University of Utah, University of Oklahoma, and Texas Christian University.

Belhaven, Friends, and University of South Carolina

VCU BFA/Richmond Ballet Trainee, Point Park

University of Cincinnati, University of Hartford, Boston Conservatory, BYU, Mercyhurst University, Towson, LaRoche and University of Missouri at Kansas City

University of North Carolina Charlotte (Charlotte Ballet Certificate program), University of South Florida, University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Colorado State, Nashville Ballet Trainee with Belmont University classes and credit application

*As far as safeties, virtual auditions available or sending videos instead of traveling to an audition may work. When my daughter applied in 2016 to enter in 2017, she sent videos to a few places and traveled to two or three auditions. (maybe different during pandemic)

*You can also choose a totally non-audition program which can have many fine dancers but are more difficult to get into academically: I believe if you went to Barnard, Duke, Wake Forest, University of Richmond, Loyola in Chicago, Hofstra, Wash U and any Ivy league you could dance your guts out in college and take ballet technique multiple times a week. For places like Wash U or Duke sending an arts supplement/portfolio can help the academic application. Look at what courses are offered in any given semester. For example, google Boston University course catalog and you will see 5 levels of ballet offered for spring 2021 including an intermediate pointe. Look at who is on the dance faculty and whether they have a ballet background. Balletgem and Threegirlpileup gave some good strategies like attending a class to get a feel for the place. Watch any performances available on the website or youtube that show the style of performance for that school. 

*Another safety option: You could use your own state's public university which will be the safest financially and academically favoring in-state applicants and may have a ton of talented dancers - Buffalo, Rutgers, Ohio State, U of Alabama etc. It will also be practical for having a backup career. 


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