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Surprise for Pedro

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Hi! I'm new to this board and before I write anything else , I just want to say thank you to PrinceRob for posting all those pictures of the

august intensive - I was there but only managed to take 3 pictures( I am at this very moment tryng to use up my film - I took 10 pictures of my cats- so I can get them developed.


anyway, I was at the mall last night, and while I was there I passed by a 'make your own teeshirt" shop and the first thing that hit my eye was a pair of white sweatpants with the word "BOOTYLICIOUS" written across the bottom. After I stopped laughing, I thought I have to get a pair to wear to dance camp next year, than I thought why not post this so we can all get them made up to wear to Pedro's class next year. It can be an adult ballet fashion statement. Or we can suggest to Heidi that she make up official sweatshorts with 'Adult Dance Camps - Bootylicious 'written on them . What do you think? we can also present a pair to Pedro at the end of the Intensive instead of flowers.

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Guest Robson

I just wanted to take the opportunity to say hi to all the Richmond people from August. It was an incredible experience. The positive atmosphere was unbelievable and even though I was/am new to this I really felt comfortable. Your'e all great! To say I learned a lot would be a massive understatement.

Robson (BC)

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Guest LA girl

OK, those sweatpants are hilarious! I would love to participate in the bootylicious sweats (though perhaps in black...) We have to make sure dancerwannabe gets in on this!!


Robson: it's good to see you here! It was great to meet you at Richmond and I hope you will be there next year!

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OK Richmond Folks.


I can get these made for you pretty cheaply......( kinda what I do for corporations).


and in BLACK to boot, with a white silk screen.



Shall I get a price together and offer here on the web. I can then either save for Next year, or ship early to you?



What do you think?





ONYX, thanks for the kind notes, post the few pics you have I would love to see them.


ROBSON: Good to have you here....... How is the moutain climbing??? Did you see the pic I posted?

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This is too funny! Just the lift I needed on an otherwise awful day:)


I would love a pair of black or white. I did hear an awful lot of "highnesty" in my classes as well. Perhaps we can put a different term on each leg!


Also, thanks to both Luna and Winelady for the cards and pictures! I enjoyed them.

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May I make a radical suggestion?


Rather than everyone getting a "bootylicious" pant, why not make one for Pedro only then give it to him as a gift. The rest of us can have pants made with our screen names on them.


But which leg would I put into sweats with "2 Left Feet" on the side?:confused:

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LA Girl-- I thought about that, but I didn't want to admit that my cheeks were wide enough to fit two such large words on them!!

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OK, folks, can we give this one a rest, already? I realize that there is no place for adults to have a little chat about commonly-shared experiences, but this one is only tangentially about ballet, limited to a few insiders to a particular program, and getting older and older every time I find a notification of a new post to it in my inbox.

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sorry - I'm new to the board and am not sure how everything works - I guess I should have posted this under Richmond Ballet Intensive.

PrinceRob- the shorts sound great - let us know the details and post it on the Richmond thread.

How about we get Pedro's made up in red spandex so they would be different?

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