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Recently, I have noticed in my dancing that my arms are very rigid and lack fluidity. My wrists are also looking harsh and they bend too far forward in the wrist, leading to a cut off or awkward arm line. Is having hyperextended arms part of the issue of controlling my arms? I really want to get my port de bras smoother and so the transition between positions is not as mechanical. 

In addition, I also am looking to improve my upper body, as I have been paying much more attention to legs and hips. My middle and upper back sometimes has a slight curve if I do not pay attention to my posture, and the curve throws my dancing off. For example, when I turn, my upper body tends to round at the upper back and shoulders, leading to a curved shape. Is it because I need to pull up more or lift my chest, as a few years ago, one of my previous teachers had told me to lift my chest. 

How do I improve my upper body and lengthen the line of my arms? I've been trying to focus on my arms and upper body in class, and less on the lower body. Thanks!

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Honestly it sounds like you need an educated teacher to help you. Both issues are common but require hands on attention. 

Placement of the body is paramount in making improvement in dance. It sounds like you need a better understanding of the relationship of the pelvis to the diaphragm with a better feeling of the upper body lifting over the hips and legs. You must visualize a straight line in your back from the tailbone to the top of the head and physically make this happen.

As for improving the lines and usage of your arms, this in particular is something that requires a good teacher. Arms are very intricate and take a deep knowledge of how to shape them, hold them and move them. I highly recommend you ask your teacher for extra help.

You are at a good starting point. You recognize you need help. Go for it!

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