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ABT Alabama reviews?

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My 14 yo was accepted to ABT Alabama, would love to hear people’s thoughts!

She is also considering Joffrey ballet NYC, if anyone has thoughts or experience on that, would greatly appreciate it!

She would board at both.

Thank you!

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SCG, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers.  We are glad you found us.  Please do stop by the Welcome forum and tell us a bit about your dancer and your current journey.  Please take a little time to nose around our site and get a feel for what all is offered here and to get a feel for how we operate.  We do ask that all members familiarize themselves with our Rules and Policies.

Unfortunately, you have wandered into a restricted Forum, so I must close your thread.  This particular forum is for Young Dancers and the Moderators only.  Those are the only members allowed to post here, although any member is welcome to read.

Before I close the thread, however, let me direct you to the Summer Intensive 2019-2020 forum.  There we have dedicated threads for the majority of the extended programs.  The Forum is alphabetical, so it will be easy for you to find the programs you are interested in.  (Both programs you have mentioned have their own threads).  Please read the threads in their entirety and feel free to add whatever questions you have remaining to the appropriate thread.

Best wishes and we look forward to getting to know you through your participation in our discussions.  😊

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