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Hello everyone:

I’ve been reading posts in various forums for a while and have learned a lot from them. I thought it was time to introduce myself.

I’m a mother of an avid 13-year-old who loves ballet. DD has been taking classes since she was 3, and she started to get more serious a few years ago. Last year, she was cast as one of the Claras in our community production of The Nutcracker, which really increased her interest in ballet. She did a SI at Grand Rapids Ballet last year and is in the process of auditioning for various programs for this summer. 

We’re lucky that we do have a serious studio with very experienced teachers here, especially since we live in a small town in Alabama, which probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of American states with a strong ballet culture. Frankly, we will probably have to consider a residence program if our daughter decides to pursue a career in dance (and that seems increasingly likely). That prospect is just starting to live in my mind and my husband’s. 

I danced through college, but that was a LONG time ago and a lot has changed. I’m doing my best to figure it all out. There are times when it feels overwhelming, so I’m really grateful for the wisdom I’ve already encountered here. My daughter has a good attitude about it all. I hope that continues.

Thanks to the admins for maintaining this excellent resource! I look forward to learning more and more.

Best wishes!

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Welcome Sharyn! 

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Thank you! I’m glad to be here!

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