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Injured, again. Aging is challenging. Do you have inspiration?


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Hey all,  I haven't been around for quite a while again, in part because I got injured again...and again...and again.  I have historically found it hard to be around dance stuff when I can't do it myself.  However, since as I age, it seems like this happens with more frequency, I've decided to try to accept my current status as not able to take class, lean into it, do what I can to get better and back to dancing, while continuing to be in touch with dancers. Because, let's face it: Y'all are my people, and my world just gets so sad, less colorful, and less fun without dance and dancers in it.

Right now I can walk, but not run, jump, or fully flex or point my left foot.  I'm currently just doing ab work while I try to rehab this ankle injury.

What do you do when you can't take class?  Do you have anything inspirational to share?



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It helps to attend class by only watching or marking with the hands.


When I broke my foot only my disability to travel made me stay away from class.

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Just got diagnosed with tendinitis of the hips.  I'm allowed to attend class if I'm super careful but I'm not sure even that will be enough, since my back decided it was being left out of the fun and is now killing me.  Life is fun.

No inspiration for you.  I just miss it.  If you can do stuff with modifications, and that is meaningful to you, then do it.  I did with other injuries.  But if you can't go at all, then it's hard, I get it.  Good luck.

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When sidelined by injury, Pilates and Floor Barre worked well for me. All the best:)

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Yeah, it stinks being a bit older.  It seems that there is almost always at least one "roving ailment" somewhere, and our bodies don't heal as quickly as they did when we were 25 or so.  Like Rozanne Rozanna Danna said, "There's always something."  If its not my knee, it may be my lower back, or my upper neck, or my inner thigh, or my opposite calf, or ... ... ... I still have red marks from my fall on my bicycle two years ago!  Cheers.  

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Miss Persistent

Absolutely agree with floor barre - It's much more than just "core work".  There are many different variations if you do some googling, some are simply repeating class exercises laying on your back or front with the feet lightly pressed against a wall, others are full on complicated routines that are designed to stretch & strengthen.  Either way, you can essentially "keep doing" class just laying down! Also as another poster suggested, seated on a fitball and doing Ports de Bras is a wonderful way to keep the upper body working, build strength and refine your Ports de Bras, and still be part of the class.

I know being injured can be difficult, and seeing others do the thing you love while you can't is hard.  Personally, I think it's partly a mind game - rather than seeing what you can't do - find what you can do for now and do that.  Whenever I have injured students it's all about keeping them going doing as much as they are allowed to (as decided by a medical professional). So that could be anything from specific physio exercises, to floor barre, or a reduced barre and sit on the ball for centre etc.  Just "sitting out and watching" class without doing anything is not an option at our school.

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I've had an ankle issue myself recently but I could still point my toes. I didn't have much guidance from my foot doctor so I cut down on what I was doing and limited myself to barre without releve and taking pilates. While working with my teacher, I figured out a postural issue both in and out of the studio was causing my ankle issue which led to a diagnosis by my foot doctor. When I last took class a weeks ago, I was on the mend, but I was still limiting myself to fewer releves and little jumping. Everyone's situation is different, and it would be helpful to find a health care professional who understands dance and how class can be modified.

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I am aging too fast!  And of course it will eventually take its course, yet I’m going to fight it by doing modified moves or alternate moves until my injury has healed.  I do agree that going to class while you have an injury is a good idea.  The instructor will be able to help you with exercises you can do, and you’re with your people!

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