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what are high arches?

Guest CyberDancer

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Hello CyberDancer, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum :) I moved your post here, since it really is not a Pointe Shoe topic.


If you know what a flat foot looks like, then you know what the opposite is, which is the one with a high instep and arch that you see in all the photos of professional dancers. ;)

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Guest alliecat93

I know a lot of people have trouble determining f they have high arches or not. I found a diagram of feet on a website (dance.net) and found it helpful. Feel free to delete this- I wasn't sure if we could post links or not.


Flat Feet- High Arches :(


(Attribution added by Moderator)

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If a link to another discussion group were posted expressly to drum up business for that other site, then that would be a wrongful use of links, and the post would be deleted. If, however, a link provides a very specific illustration of a topic under discussion, as this one does, then it's OK!:( It's best to add at least a note saying where the information comes from, in the interest of ethics and responsible scholarship.

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