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Strength and Conditioning methods?


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What methods and or trainers does anyone recommend for their pre pro teens? Mine has done Gyrotonic/Pilates. We haven’t done any conventional gym personal training yet but seems that more ballet students and performers are including weight training in their conditioning routines.  

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We did a Physical therapy evaluation to test which muscles are weak, and recommended exercises to strengthen them.  Don’t need to sign up for weekly physical therapy, but maybe a few sessions with them to figure out how to do the exercises correctly.  Exercises “pre-scribed” were various Pilates floor exercises, and specific weight exercises for the gym.  Also stressed was how to do the weight training exercises ( slow and slower), not fast.


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Did the Therapist have a dance background?  We have considered this but aren't sure how much a Dance background is necessary.  

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My dancer has done the same as Adf, meet with a PT who prescribed specific exercises to address her individual needs. In our case, we go to a PT who has a dance focus and works with a professional company. 

My DD does the specific exercises as mentioned, spin bike a couple times a week as well as swimming 3x a week when the weather is warmer.

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If working with a PT, yes, it is invaluable to have a PT who is/was a dancer or one who works routinely with dancers.  They know what is “normal” for dancers and what is needed.  What is “normal” for a football player’s range of motion, specific muscle strength needs, e.g., is quite different than for a dancer’s.  

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Sorry Ballet 2101 I was out of town for a couple of day!  Yes the PT had a ballet background.  But we had met with another PT when DD was younger and although not a dancer she still mentioned that she sees dancers who come in with a common problem - back pain because they think the dancer think they are strong (back muscles certainly are) but in reality their core is weak.  Any physical therapist worth their salt should be able to do strength tests to see where your dancer is weak.  So if you can't find one with a dance background, find one with the most experience possible (not easily done these days).  

But agree with the other posters that yes, one with a ballet background in particular would be ideal, but they are harder to find.  I wouldn't let not being able to find one with a dance background stop you from getting an evaluation!

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