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Boy ballet mom here -new poster

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Hi! I am a mom to a 12 year old boy dancer. He has been dancing since age 5, but has not been serious about it till he was 9. He does hip-hop, jazz, ballet, tap, modern and musical theater. He is mostly training in classical ballet mainly at a small classical ballet company. He also goes to school at a creative arts magnet school as a dance major. He dances probably 5 and a half hours of ballet a week, 1 hour of tap, 1 hour of jazz/musical theater, one hour of PBT.  Rehearsals add extra hours and they vary. 

He will be attending Nashville Ballet Summer Intensive for 3 weeks this summer with his best friend and a 3 week intensive at his home studio. 


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Welcome, Gingerdancemom!  We are glad you have found us and look forward to getting to know you through your participation in our various discussions.

We do encourage new members to take some time to nose around the Board to see what all we offer and how we do things.  You will be particularly interested in the Parent of Boys forum, I’m sure.

We also request that all members make a point of reading and becoming familiar with our Rules and Policies.


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Welcome, and as a male ballet student I can't thank you enough for supporting your young man in his dance pursuits.  I hope your boy knows how lucky he is to have you!  I grew up in another time and place.  My siblings ridiculed me for wanting to dance and no one discouraged them or encouraged me.  You and your DS are both awesome in my book.  Cheers and congrats.

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