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footed and convertible tights???


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So my son is attending his second and third SI this summer. They both ask for footed and convertible tights. One wants white and black and the other wants black and gray. In order to not spend $500+ dollars on tights I was just thinking about getting 4 pairs of convertible in each color. I am not quite sure why you would need convertible and footed since convertible can be both. Is there some reason or logic to that I am missing? 


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We cut the feet to convertible on the m Stevens tights and never leave any full footed.  You could call the programs to find out, but even just to let their feet breathe between classes let alone stretch/other styles that are barefoot, it seems convertibles would be preferable.  I can’t imagine anyone would prefer true footed to convertible unless there are boys that don’t like to wear convertibles in shoes?

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Clara 76

Sometimes, the convertible ones leave the heels exposed, so perhaps that's why? You could email the programs and ask. 

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