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Sun King Camp—2020

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So I can find a few threads on this, but none recent, so thought I'd ask...

Having got a chunk of back pay late last year, ì'm going for it! I've booked my flights, i have three days in Washington (because its cheaper to fly midweek!) before I work out now to get a bus to Richmond. So far, I hear nothing but good things, so fingers crossed it's going to be really good.

So if anyone has been before....

What did you choose in terms of long and short days? What would you recommend? I'm not overly fussed about pas de deux, but would be fun to try it....

What did you bring with you? At this point I'm thinking all the dance wear I own..... more than one pair of pointe shoes?

What the weather like in June?! Bearing in mind the north of England is considerably further north than Virginia......

Would you advise staying at one of the hotels they partner with? I might be able to get an Airbnb cheaper, but I know public transport isn't brilliant, and I would worry a bit about getting to and from. I can drive, but don't really fancy dealing with left hand drive and right (wrong! 😉) side of the road stuff...

And any and all advice gratefully received!

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As Sun king in June is canceled have you thought of anywhere else to go. There is a group from the UK that attended Sun King and has set something similar up in London. If you are interested I can try to get you info.


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I signed up for the Sun King June program as well.  It then morphed into a second August program, and was then "re-deferred" to 2021.  I was super-bummed when I heard the news.  Hope to meet you there next year!  

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