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Balance at the end of the Cupid variation


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Hi :)

I am learning the Cupid variation from Don Q/Paquita and was wondering if any teachers could give me any advice on how to balance the attitude at the end of the variation for as long as possible? 

I find it much nicer to balance in an attitude derrière or arabesque on pointe, but attitude devant is very hard for me! 

Thank you!

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A very good question, but without seeing you, really hard to figure out. What does your teacher suggest?

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I was only taught it yesterday, so rehearsal was very much knowing the arm lines and building stamina. I would like to be able to try to do it in practice like Evgenia Obrastzova! 

My teachers like us to step out the movements as much as possible, but I find that makes it much harder to stay on the balance. It helps to contract the abdominal and really pull and push through the standing leg I think?


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