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Guest Vicarmac

Great post! We are in Fl and of course have seen you dance.

We look forward to November it will be the 6th year my kid will be in the Nutcracker when your company does it in Naples.

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It has been very interesting reading the posts on this thread over the past few weeks. I had vowed to "stay out of it," but finally felt there were a few things I had to say. Our family is one of those that moved to Carlisle so that our daughter could attend CPYB. She had been taking classes at a small school outside of Philadelphia, with good training, but just not enough. At the age of 13, she decided that ballet was something that she wanted to pursue seriously, and we knew we had to act quickly. She began taking private classes with her teacher in Philadelphia, went on to a summer at SAB, and it was then that her teacher suggested she come to CPYB. We, too, were surprised at the caliber of dancers here. I agree that CPYB has its warts, but I think we can all agree that when you're dealing with humans, there are always problems. I also agree that there are many schools and teachers that put out wonderful dancers. However, where I believe this school differs is in its philosophy of taking the average person and being able to make dancers out of them. The school takes anyone willing to learn, and, in fact, takes many that I believe most schools would reject. I have seen miraculous things happen in the two short years we have been here. I can cite my daughter's case as an example. Two years ago when she auditioned for summer programs, she was accepted by most, probably due to a decent facililty. This past audition season, she was not only accepted by all the major company schools, but received full scholarships to them. She even got phone calls asking if she was coming. My daughter would agree with Ms. Manning. She believes she would not be in the position she is in, had it not been for CPYB. My daughter decided to do one more year here at CPYB, even though she was asked to join the company school at her SI because she believes the training and performing opportunities here at CPYB are what she needs this year. Don't get me wrong, her experience here has not always been "a bed of roses." There have been disappointments and tears, but the good far outweighs the bad.


In addition, I would like to add that while I would agree Marcia has developed many good dancers, I believe she has also produced some great ones. Maybe they would have been great with or without Marcia's training, but I would venture to say that they would cite Marcia as the responsible party. Sean Lavery, Deborah Wingert, Tina LeBlanc, Vanessa Zahorian, to name a few, were and are more than just good dancers. (Those are the ones who popped into my mind, I'm sure there are more.)In addition, there are those that may go on to be greats, but are still young in their careers. I would cite the Stafford family as an example. Also, not to mention the countless young people in small companies throughout the country that are having successful careers because of Marcia's training. Again, many of these young people would not be dancers had it not been for this training.


Now I've had my say. CPYB is not a perfect place, but then again, there is no perfect school. I would stand on the side of "it does much more good than harm," and for those who are willing to work, it can be a very rewarding experience.

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Hello it's the mom, and welcome to the Moms and Dads forum on Ballet Alert! Online :) Thank you for a very thoughtful and interesting post, and I hope you will continue to participate in all of the great topics we have here on Ballet Talk!

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