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Studio closed? Now what?


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Our governor has closed all K-12 schools in the state for three weeks. We haven’t heard, yet, if DD’s studio will follow suit. If so, there’s no way DD13 will want to go three weeks without dancing.

If your dancer’s studio is closed, what is your dancer’s training plan? 


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Ours closed last week to "deep clean" the studios.  It was ABT exam week.  We don't know if they will reopen next week or not.  We were notified last night that our school will be shifting to "online learning" through April 20th.

As far as a training plan we have none at the moment.  We've been told that if the studio remains closed they are looking into online instruction of some sort.  I was looking at barres on Amazon last night...

Luckily for mine, she's also a figure skater and after another "deep clean" the rinks should reopen on Monday.

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OMG.  Ours is closed for 2 weeks, but academic schools are now closed for 6 weeks.  Since DD ballet closure follows the school district that means ballet will most likely put out another announcement that ballet classes will also be 6 weeks.  My dancer has been stretching and doing warm up exercises.  We can't do drop in classes anywhere as I checked--everything is temporarily closed.  So...my DD will watch and follow reputable YouTube videos for now.  I don't know what else she can do.  She can't stop talking about missing ballet and it's only been one class.  It's going to be a long 6 weeks for us☹️

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Our studio announced last night that they are closing until April 13. DD is freaking out. She wants to find some private lessons , but that would mean spending money at an uncertain time. 

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Our school has announced it will be closed for three weeks but truthfully I expect all of these closings will be extended.  My older dancer has been given some exercises to keep strength up but ballet classes cannot be replaced, nor can missed performances.  So frustrating to work so hard on something and have it yanked away.

BUT obviously ballet is less important than the safety of our communities.  And a few months off might result in setbacks but they won’t be permanent.

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This is no replacement for being in an actual ballet class, but I have seen that several ballet schools are live streaming ballet classes to anyone via Instagram or YouTube.

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I would suggest your dancers ask their teachers what their recommendations are for continuing to keep up strength, flexibility, cross-training, etc. This, too, will pass.  We are all in the same boat.  It just a bit of time in the grand scheme of things.  Yes, I know it seems like a devastating roadblock to miss actual class for a few weeks or a month (or more), but take it from a parent who watched a BFA graduate on the cusp of a contract spend two plus years rehabbing and re-building.  It can be done and all that was lost was some time, but she was stronger in every way as a result.

So, missing some time is not the end of everything.  :D  BREATHE (and enjoy some family time and a respite.  🌻)

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We’ve opted for DD to take classes at her old studio, which isn’t closing (as of now). Thank goodness we left on good terms. I’ll be paying drop in rates in addition to the tuition at her current studio.

I’m agreeing to this simply because:

1. Her district did not provide, and is not requiring,  ANY instruction or assignments to be completed while the district is closed.

2. Our Disney Spring Break trip coincides with the closure of the parks. We literally were checking out of the Polynesian on 3/31 and moving to a different resort through 4/5. We still may go, stay at the resorts and hope the parks reopen on 4/1. 

Either way, this kiddo needs to have something that brings her joy AND will keep her busy.

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We went from fully booked schedule of classes, rehearsals, and events / performance preparations to absolutely nothing for the next 5 weeks (ballet events cancelled, performances cancelled, ballet school closed through end of April, etc).  All in the course of 24 hours. I know it must feel scary/discouraging/disappointing to our kids. My DD is doing ballet class on some group FaceTime call with a couple friends. I think the isolation from their social / peer groups will be just as hard as missing the training. 
Great opportunities for rest and family time, for which a I’m grateful. But five weeks will be a very long time with no “real” ballet classes.  The longest by far my DD has gone in many years.

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I recieved email from DD ballet school that classes and ballets are cancelled until April 25th; they will be contacting students in the coming days with further direction on training/maintaining strength during this difficult time.  

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It’s interesting to see so many professional dancers on Instagram who are in the same (or at least a similar) situation. Companies haven’t just cancelled performances—they aren’t having company classes either. We aren’t going to search for drop-in classes as I feel it defeats the purpose of what we’re trying to accomplish by closing schools, museums, sports, etc. Hopefully our studio provides more guidance for the students during this break. As of now they seem to be left to figure it out on their own. 

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Mom de deux

Our school was already closed this week for spring break, and is now closing for next week. We are looking at a possible modified schedule for the weeks after that. We are taking a week-by-week approach to decision making.

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Closed for 3 weeks here, following the academic closure which I feel is likely to be extended. My DD will cross train at home and her teachers will be live-streaming class. I am going to suggest she search for some companies who will be live streaming classes as well to keep things interesting.

Also planning to use this time to spring clean and relax as a family, play board games and watch movies!!

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What is the point of having a live streamed class if you don't have a ballet barre, sprung floors and room to travel across the floor????


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Many professional companies have also canceled classes, not just performances. There are Instagram videos of them doing “barre” holding on to counters and ironing boards. It’s going to be a tough period for everyone. Perhaps whatever video teachers stream will be abbreviated classes that take into account the lack of space and proper flooring. I’m hoping for some possible floor barre exercises as well. 

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