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hey everyone

Guest absolutelt

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Guest absolutelt

hey everyone.


my name's marianne, im 15, from singapore.

i'm new here. well actually i'm not really. i've been reading all the posts for a few months now. its really interesting. anyways, i have a zillion questions.

okay thing is, i dont dance ballet. ive wanted to for a year and a half now but its not possible coz ive got major exams this year and absolutely nooo time :( my parents wouldnt allow me coz im invovlved in so many other things. but thank goodness the exams will be over in a couple of months. i wanna start as soon as possible.


i love ballet. i think its just amazing. :)god im sooo envious of you guys who have been danicng since you were 3 or something. my mom just never sent me for ballet. she did the other typical parenty things like piano class and acting lessons but never ballet. oh well. *grin*


anyway this past year ive been finding out everything i can about ballet and how to work on what i can by myself and ive been working on flexibility and all the things that ill need in ballet and stuff. i mean, i just turned 15 and i know its like impossible for me to ever become a proffesional ballerina :( even though i would love nothinggg more. but oh well. even though i know im not gonna make it pro, i wanna progress as fast as possible anyway. i dont know why..


so yeah i have a million questions but this is a really long post so yeah... just to say hello and stuff...


Hello and stuff.

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Welcome and stuff, Marianne, to the Young Dancers' forum at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online!:(


While you're here you'll be able to find out a great deal about what goes on in the ballet world practically anyplace on earth. You'll also be able to share your experiences with others who love ballet as you do.


You'll also find that not everyone on these boards is American or British, and so we want to encourage the use of proper English as much as possible, especially with regard to spelling, punctuation and capitalization. Not everybody writes idiomatic English as well as you do, and short-cutting the language makes it difficult for some others to understand.

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Guest dancin'g'al

A big big HI!! to you.:( I'm from SIngapore too. Although this is unrelated, my sister is also 15, and that's like really busy.LOL:( I have a friend who is also 15 this year and taking Advanced Foundation Exam in a few days. Mine's like the day after the next. And this friend seems to be taking it quite well.

If you really want to learn ballet, I don't see why it's not possible to do so... Well, just dropping a quick note, talk more later!

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