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Rescheduled Competitions and Conflicts


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Good evening all.  Hoping this finds everyone well in this unusual time!  Given that many things are still up in the air In the country I am curious, for those of you with rescheduled competitions, how are you handling the conversation with your studios?  For example, if a competition is rescheduled and there is a conflict with previously scheduled school events?  I have an example where my DK already had something for school on the weekend of a rescheduled competition.  This would affect the groups my DK is in as well as the studio fees and entry fees that we have paid.  Do you expect your studio to let others know (that it would affect) and advocate for a refund rather than a reschedule?  Do you expect refunds of directors fees?  Also if conventions are rescheduled into the summer do you expect refunds for studio, directors and entry fees if your DK cannot go?   Credits toward next year wont be an option as my son is looking to go year round.  If competitions reschedule are the comp companies making broad assumptions that everyone can accommodate the new date and not allowing refunds at all?  

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To say these times are fluid times is an understatement. My children (one a dancer, the other a non dancer) have had virtually all aspects of their lives cancelled or altered recently. It might be not as severe in other parts of the country, but here schools are cancelled (most likely for the year), dance is cancelled for at least the next couple months (probably longer), College Board cancelled SAT exams through May, etc, etc. My dancer doesn’t do competitions / conventions outside of a couple ballet events.  Both events are cancelled/being done in different format. Nothing has been truly rescheduled as everything seems on hold. 

I’ve been told from some places that refunds will be processed. The pretty standard statement as to when that will happen is, “in the next few weeks”. I’ve sort of given up trying to keep track. I know these places are bleeding, like so many are now. Long way of saying that I think things are changing at such a rapid pace, it probably isn’t the time to try to make any concrete plans. Or worry about future conflicts.

 At least in my area, I am trying to prepare for what I can, but accept that any dates set are very, very likely to change. I’m not sure if you are in an area as affected, but I honestly wouldn’t worry with future dates. They most likely will change. I’m surprised to hear any decent sized events are being rescheduled anywhere.

As for refunds, I think we can ask for such is they are needed/warranted. But expect that receiving such could take a long time. If you are in a position to not request refunds from arts organizations, that would be appreciated at this time I’m sure. I’m not in that position financially, but am trying to allow for the most flexibility in waiting to inquire and/or waiting for any return of funds. I would say that I’m not planning to spend further dollars on anything that isn’t absolutely necessary, as these times are hard and so very unpredictable. 

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I'm with Spencedance on this one.  The situation is global and way too fluid to plan ANYTHING. I am not a medical expert, but it's my opinion that travel will still be restricted this summer, and that public gatherings will continue to be limited. 

I, too, am hoping for refunds on some of the cancelled activities, because I see the financial impact of this pandemic being massive, and our budget was tight anyway.  

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I'm wrestling with the refund issue as well, unrelated to competitions. We have tickets for ABT's Swan Lake in April but that has been cancelled. Of course, we have the option of asking for a refund, donating the cost of the tickets to the venue, or getting a credit. To be honest, I've had ticketing issues with the venue in the past so the credit isn't an option. I feel guilty about asking for a refund but these aren't cheap seats and who knows where we'll be financially in a few months. I'm a travel agent and the phones have gone silent. Yet, I feel guilty not supporting the arts.

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phx115 we had to cancel a trip to NYC and all of our theatre tickets were refunded.  While I wish I could afford to donate that whole amount, I cannot.  But I am going to make a smaller donation to The Actor's Fund, which helps support broadway performers and other staff.  Maybe there is a similar organization that you could make a small donation to that supports dancers?  Or just make a donation directly to ABT?

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Great idea! I’ll definitely look into that!

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Hi all,

We are beginning to get demands from parents who want refunds for either canceled or delayed dance competitions.

Some parents withdrew their child from all competitions from fear of Covid or refusal to wear a mask.

We've even been threatened with court.

We are in New Jersey

Does anyone KNOW FACTS we can use to either get the refunds from the dance competition companies or what to tell the parents?

Thanks so much

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RSMF I notice this is your 1st post. Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. Please do take the time to visit our Welcome Forum to introduce yourself. So sorry to read you are having difficulty with competition fees. I know little about this topic therefore I am not able to help. I did however want to make sure you are Welcomed to BT4D. It is always wonderful to have a new member! 😉


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