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Skills/Technique to Have by Age 13/14


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Hello.  I am fairly new to ballet and it's been difficult to judge where exactly I fall in terms of technical ability.  I know much of ballet is very individualized, but could anyone give me a list of skills or technique that an old 13/young 14-year-old should have?  Assuming this student wants to pursue a career in ballet.

Edit: I know late starters have a hard time making it professionally.  I still want to try my hardest.

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At 13 I was dancing corps de ballet roles like snow in Nutcracker. At 14 I was dancing demi-soloist roles. That was many years ago, and what I am seeing now is most dancers are doing corps work at about 16-17, and demi-soloist roles about aged 18. You would need to be ready for those types of roles around those ages, and if you are on-track, you are likely taking classes daily as mentioned in our recommended class-work and pointework guidelines, and have already been accepted to some company-associated SIs.

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Thank you, that is helpful, but I was asking more along the lines of skills to have.  For instance, the average number of pirouettes, types of jumps/leaps, number of/degree of splits, etc.  I currently take 3 classes a week of 1 1/2 hours, but with the quarantine I will be taking about 4 of the same amount of time, if not more.  This is my second year of actual ballet, but I took what probably amounted to a year of pre-ballet or Primary A when I was younger, and I took many years of gymnastics and trapeze which helped me develop grace.  I am not yet on pointe, but I probably will be in the fall.  I'm a late starter, so I'm trying to figure out where I stand and good goals to have.

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There is no exact skill level for a particular age. Each school sets their skill level requirements according to number of years of study and how often one does study ballet. Perhaps that might be a conversation you can have with your teacher? What is the average age of the other students in your class?

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I'm in two different levels, one is mostly 10, 11-year-olds, one is more widely varied, but the majority are 12 or 13.  There are a few High School freshmen, though.  Our curriculum follows ABT's.

Edit: I'm 13/14.

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