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Gluing inner sole back into ballet slippers?


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Something really annoying happened to me today:


I wanted to wash my new Bloch prolite slippers, and what happened: The inner soles of both shoes got off! :eek: I think that the glue dissolved in the water.

Now, what am I to do? Can I glue it back into the shoes and if yes, what sort of glue can I use?




*Svenia* :(

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i know that normally we have to wait for the mods, but since it's not really about technique...

i know that a friend of mine, who is a student at one of the dutch dance academies, just rips out the innersole of her soft ballet shoes...don't know if that's comfortable though....

another solution that my teacher once told me off, is to put a pantyliner in your shoes (you can also do this with pointeshoes where you took the sole out off!!!)



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That inner sole is not necessary, and if it comes out, just throw it away! Not a problem :(

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