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Clara 76

I guess I am not sure why a younger dancer needs variations of any kind in his audition video? I could see that justified in an older dancer, but for such a young one, I just don't understand.....

Were it me I'd ask for a few barre exercises and a few centre exercises, and I'd be specific with regards to what I was looking for. 

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Hi Clara 76, I can see what you mean.  It puts a lot of pressure on the dancer (and the family) to come up with all of this at such a time.  Unfortunately, this is what they have asked for and I guess because of the high demand for entry to their school they feel like they can as people will still apply.  I dislike being in situations like this.  I want to raise my concerns but then start wondering whether it would go against DS in some way.  You know the whole " that's the boy whose mother complained" thing...

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Clara 76

So it sounds like you at least have a plan. I'm sorry this is so difficult for you! 

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Hi everyone, 

I thought I would post an update.  DS was accepted into the performing arts high school that he auditioned for.  His dance teacher choreographed two solos for him, (one ballet, one contemporary).  He rehearsed and filmed these outside in an area that had that fake grass, as his studio did not reopen in time for filming.  We filmed the solos on his phone.  Other than having to schedule the rehearsals and filming around the weather, the process wasn't too stressful.   DS and I wanted to post a thank you to everyone for their suggestions/advice.    

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