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Online Video: “The Statement”, choreo by Crystal Pite

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Foe exploration of movement, here is NDT performing Crystal Pite choreography, one of DD’s favorite choreographers (and a favorite company): 


I found it fascinating!  The movement is so interesting—and yet disturbing somehow.  So crisp, precise, and yet so nuanced.  The dancers are sooooo awesome. A very intriguing piece. 

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Thank you for sharing this- it is worth the 20 minute viewing.

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Amazing work by both Crystal Pite and the NDT dancers!  Captivating for more reasons that I can name.  My DD loves both the company and choreographer too. 

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 A dance teacher sent me this today, I watched with my DD this morning.  Stunning and yes captivating is the right word!  Could not stop watching.

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Hi everyone! Can't seem to access the video. Does anyone know the password? Saw "the statement" ages ago thanks to a friend who introduced me to it and since then I've been trying to see it again but apparently it's impossible now :( Hope you guys can help a big Crystal Pite fan :)


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It appears that the video has been made private so your best bet would be to contact the owners of that Vimeo channel 👍

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Hello, i watched the statement in my dance class and if really amazed me but i dont happen to find the full piece online. How do i get the password to this? 

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