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2020, Totally-Wonky, Non-SI Attending Summer Training Guide?

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Dear all - I’ve consumed the as-it-stands 36 pages of the whole “Coronavirus & Summer Intensive” thread. And while I continue to hope that my DD will get to return to her dream SI for a 2nd year in a row, I’ve come to accept that, well, there’s nothing to be done but wait for this to play out. It’ll be interesting to see the decisions being made, refund considerations playing out, etc. AND also figure out what it means for those hoping for year-long admission to the pre-professional program... I’m sure tears will be shed and frustration expressed. And then, as usual, it’ll be time to get back to the barre...

In that spirit, I’ve been giving a lot of thought as to how a DK might best use this Summer to come back strong, whenever that is. There’s the idea of being back in the studio in the fall, of course. But I’m also thinking about how my DD may wish to take advantage of any audition opportunity to go away to a better year-round program, away from home. And of course, in this context, she’d want to be in fighting form before showing up to such auditions...

In running this thought experiment, I’m making the following, broad-based assumptions - knowing I’ll need to review those down the road:

- Access to PT and healthcare professionals, to assess any lingering injury or health issue;

- Basic fitness equipment and tools are available;

- Room at home to “dance” - mostly barre, of course;

- Potential access to rental studio space, depending on the status of the pandemic;

- Access to online classes;

- Access to private lessons, online or in studio - again, depending on the status of the pandemic;

- Access to books/library/online resources for ballet;

- Willingness and ability to redirect $$$ that would have been spent on SI to other ballet-related initiatives.

Looking at the Summer ahead, this is how I’m personally thinking about it:

- We have no lingering injury issue to worry about, so this is an easy one for us. Admittedly, if we did, that would be the first thing to focus on, I would think;

- We probably want to do a check up with the performance nutritionist we’ve seen before, to make sure we’re on track and that no meaningful adjustment is required to account for the current reality;

- Strength training has been a relatively recent addition to the program, one that we need to carry forward - possibly checking in with a suitable trainer. So far progress has been good and beneficial in many ways. Am thinking the 3x/week strength training sessions are the core of the “fitness” program for the summer. Other days probably to include cardio (partial to spinning sessions with an app) as well as yoga. Throw in leisurely walks with the nice weather coming around and this seems like a proper fitness regimen - certainly, not a departure from the last several weeks;

- Although I’ve been hearing mixed reviews of broadly available online classes, I think one could do a daily barre at home - perhaps rotating a handful of classes that have proven more interesting/challenging...Certainly, an inexpensive way of getting your daily fix;

- Private lessons online are trickier, since in our experience they’ve proven to be of limited interest... If there is an improvement on the pandemic front and live private lessons are possible with a trusted teacher, then FOR SURE I would redirect SI $$$ to this as the next best alternative at this point in time;

- Right now, we’re lucky to have secured intermittent access to a studio, a few times a week and for a very reasonable price. True, DD is alone in there - but it’s an opportunity to work on things she cannot quite do at home - jumps, turns, etc. She’s disciplined and structured enough to make good use of the time in there - and assuming it remains accessible to us throughout the summer, then for sure we’d want to secure some time in there every week;

- Historically, I’ve found that our DD school does a very... passable way of expanding her mind by exposing her to other things - other dancing styles, repertoire, etc. One of the great things about the SI was this - repertoire, contemporary, jazz, etc. All things she benefits from, in my opinion. So we’ll also be looking for online Broadway or Horton classes, for example; or the occasional “movie night” to watch a historical production and what not... Try to find ways to expand the usual horizon;

- and finally... rest? The last few months have been an emotional roller coaster for all of us. Somewhere in there, we’ll need to figure out how we catch a break from it all and recharge our batteries for what’s ahead of us.

Eventually, knowing her, I think she’ll want to give herself the comfort of a “structure”, in the form of a schedule. I know this works best for her.

So, dare I ask: am I totally off? Crazy? Any obvious blind spots in the foregoing? Things to reconsider/add/remove/replace any of this? Genuinely interested in understanding how everyone is planning to weather this particular storm.

Thanks ahead for all the input.

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well you have been giving this alot of thought! Great thread.

May I ask how old your DD is? this will heavily influence the advice people give you.

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Hi! I think like most parents, it’s a recurring topic of conversation, shall we say. She just turned 15.



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Ok well our situation is not quite the same as yours but DS has similiar goals. He has settled upon staying generally fit. He has rejected the online courses due to our space limitations but also the flooring in the house (says that it will do him more harm than good to do barre on these).  So he is taking a crossfit approach (running, cycling, stretching and strengthening) every morning. He is also doing an online Feldenkrais class each day which he finds extremely great. DS is not dancing this summer.

Our assumption is that by the time he returns to a studio (hes 21) no one will be 'dance fit' and they will all be starting from a similiar position in that regard.

Otherwise he is mowing the lawn, upgrading his high school diploma, doing an online photography course and some dance theory course.

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