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I danced competitively, many hours a week, for three years, and I maintain a certain base level by myself.

The best way is dance classes. Maybe your community center has some, your college, a local studio. Depending on your location many or few options may be available. Some places have specific adult classes. Flexibility can be an issue as your muscles and joints start to tighten up in your teen years as you go through puberty, and without stretching they get tight. You can still develop flexibility, just not as fast as a younger kid or something. 23 years is by no means old however, so it would be a very different story if you were 33. When first starting you don't want to overkill and risk injury or simply a pulled muscle that will prevent you from trying out this really great activity. There are youtube videos of classes; however, a teacher can look at your body and teach you proper positioning and alignment; until then, I don't recommend it because body awareness is a trained skill, and even for people with a natural ability in it they need an external, trained eye to correct things that either look bad or could lead to injury.

There are so many styles!


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