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2) Member Responsibilities, Etiquette and Social Decorum

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When our original rules and guidelines were established, there was no real Social Media to speak of.  Instant messages were a thing as was dial up.  With the surge of Social Media, we as participants in it, may have shifted from treating others with respect in our writings to believing each person has a right to say and post whatever they'd like, whenever and where ever they'd like.  We are able to do those things on Facebook, and in many of the other apps that allow free-for-alls.  We will not allow this on Ballet Talk for Dancers. (BTFD)

Given this change in our society, I would like to reiterate our guidelines for posting, for discussion and for treating each other with a level of respect that seems to be a thing of the past.  It will not be here.  BTFD is a heavily moderated discussion board.  We are that way by design and by becoming a member here, you agree automatically that you are okay with that.  You may not always agree, but you agree that the site you have chosen to join is one where moderation is possible and evident. 

We are also a discussion board.  Discussions , at a minimum, involve more than one view.  Discussions however, are respectable in nature.     Discussions are not a place to post and then not expect that others will "discuss" your post.  We will continue to ask that each of you respect each other with more politeness and respect than is shown in the average studio lobby (or teacher's lounge).  The world is full of naysayers and angry responders, write as if you actually care to discuss rather than simply post your view.  

All of us come to Ballet Talk for Dancers to learn more about ballet, to discuss ballet and to find camaraderie among those whose lives mirror our own or those of our dancers.  We also come hoping to learn, and thereby, understand more about this wonderful and crazy thing that is Ballet.  Ballet is not always pretty.  It is not always warm and fuzzy.  And for this reason, many times, as teacher, students or parents, we need support and a helping hand.  

We cannot hope for total anonymity here (or even the veil of such).  We can try, but every man is now a researcher.  It takes less than a minute to pull up an article, whether "fake" or "real".  Use caution in discussing sensitive matters, but feel comfortable that 99% of the people here are here for the same reason and that is to share help and receive help.  Please remember not to ask "who are you" type questions or ask another member to share where they are.  This is like asking someone how much they get paid.  Or what their personal budget is.  Keep to common courtesy.  Respect each member's choice to come here just like you, with a name that is not their real one and a life that you don't know unless invited into by the member themselves.  

In order to maintain a respectful environment for open, trusting sharing, we require that each of us as members be gracious enough to allow our fellow members to speak openly about their personal journeys without the fear of wondering who is looking over their shoulder and who might ‘overhear’. In other words, as they say in Vegas: What is stated on BT4D is to remain on BT4D!  Collectively, this means our Board’s expectation of mutual respect requires the following protocols be observed and practiced by each member:

1. Discussions begun on BT4D should be discussed on BT4D and are to remain on BT4D. After all, it is a discussion among our members; members who have chosen to share their thoughts, concerns, experiences in this community. These are not discussions being held with the public at large.We welcome anyone as member of BT4D and to join in our discussions. Please feel free to invite others to do so. However, it is NOT appropriate to copy or link to responses, threads, or whole discussions from BT4D and present them to a third party, either in person or on another website, blog or discussion board WITHOUT the express permission of each poster involved in the BT4D discussion.

If you would like to discuss an issue elsewhere, please do feel free to do so. Just DON’T bring BT4D’s discussion, members’ sharing, or comments into it. Use your own thoughts and words. We will not allow our members’ decisions to discuss their issue here in this community to be usurped without their permission and displayed elsewhere where they are not part of the discussion and did not choose to be.

2. Each member’s first-hand perceptions and experiences are to be valued and respected, not discounted out of hand or challenged.  However, this is a discussion board.  And if you post within the discussion, you must expect that others believe you are engaging in discussion with them.  Or at the very least, your post is up for discussion. Members are encouraged to give their personal experiences, good AND bad, trusting that our members are savvy enough to understand that one person's awful experience is another's best experience ever. After all, only by comparing and contrasting the views and experiences of others do we have information to ponder.  

3. The PM (personal messenger) system is for those things that cannot be discussed on the board and not for those things that require a whisper if in a studio lobby.

 4.  Moderation and Moderator decisions about Moderation are not up for debate or discussion.  Any posts that question the decisions of the Moderating Team will be "hidden" without notice.  Our Moderating Team are all Volunteers who have been given specific types of posts to re-direct.  In the vast majority of cases, before a post is Moderated,  it is checked by a 2nd Moderator to see if your post has been read incorrectly.  Therefore, please do not assume one Moderator has a heavier hand than another.  It simply boils down to who saw your post first and who the person is who double checked your post.  This is very different from asking another member if a Moderator should have Moderated your post.  That is like making a recipe without one of the ingredients.  That ingredient is the owner's directions and charge to the membership.  

We believe so strongly in these particular rules and polices that ignoring them is grounds for removal as a member.

The Administrative and Moderating Team at Ballet Talk for Dancers

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