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Alastair MaCaulay's Nutcracker Marathon



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Ugh! That Ballet Boom article, with the gross photo, has to be way off-base in it's statement that a boom was started by Black Swan at the Venice Film Festival last summer. She does say that the dance TV shows are also a part of it, but I fail to see how the movie is anything but negative in it's depiction of the ballet world. :grinning:

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Very nice article! She is very realistic and down to earth. I wish she had been a little harder on the film.

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"I get comments all the time like “You’re going to eat a cookie?” And then someone will say, “Oh, are you allowed to eat that?” Yeah! Did you just see what I had to do? Of course I’m going to eat this cookie. And a couple more!"


Haha I just love that!

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So sad to pass on this news:


Accompanist Oleg Moston killed...




Accompanist - joined the Skidmore faculty as a department assistant in 2005. Oleg started to play the piano at the age of 14, after World War II. In 1957 he graduated from the Moscow Conservatory and was invited to the Moscow Philharmonic Society as a pianist, soloist, and accompanist. He worked 22 years touring all over the former Soviet Union, performing in big cities and small towns. In 1979 Oleg, with his whole family, emigrated to the USA and for 26 years played in New York. He was a principal pianist for different ballet companies (Joffrey, Alvin Ailey, ABT), played for Columbia University (The Barnard College), NYU (Tisch School of the Arts), Marymount Manhattan College, NY Conservatory of Dance, Ballet Hispanico, and Ballet Academy East. Since 1983 he is the principal pianist for NY International competitions. He now plays for Skidmore College in Saratoga and the Glens Falls Ballet and Dance Center in Queensbury.
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Victoria Leigh, can you explain what is gross about the photo? Are you referring to the picture of the dancer's feet en pointe? I'm curious to know why it is wrong. I am not educated in what things are supposed to look like, so many comments are made about pictures and I often cannot tell what is wrong with them. thanks!

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The front foot is not all the way on the platform of the shoe. She is sickling. The shoes gap, and the ribbons are tied incorrectly.

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Maybe that was the whole point (!!) of the article's picture....ballet boom=poor training/dangerous situations.

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I sincerely doubt that was the 'pointe' of the photo. :) Most probably the photo editor or whoever selects the accompanying photos had no idea what constitutes 'good technique' and 'bad technique'.

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Exactly, dancemaven. Unfortunately, improper technique and pointework are becoming an epidemic.

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Ballet Has Died Many Times Already



Peter Martins Busted for DWI



What Do London's Ballet Stars Make of Black Swan?



New York City Ballet Creates Its Own Touring Company



"Black Swan" - A Cautionary Tale?


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