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Danielle DeVor

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She says in the clip that mum2qtd supplied that she is 5'2". Thank you for sharing the link!

She also stated in the clip that she started at 13.

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Danielle DeVor

Mikko Nissinen's Ten Years At Boston Ballet



Why National Ballet Of Canada Can't Bring Classics On 60th Anniversary Tour



Dance In L.A. Isn't Dead. Not In Orange County, Anyway.



Back to the Source


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Danielle DeVor

ABT Star Defecting To Bolshoi Ballet



Royal Ballet Star Turns Into Cockroach



American Ballet's Rock Star Couple Learning Their Way Around New Zealand



Edward Villella To Retire From Miami City Ballet



Ballet Boyz To Make 20 Short Films For UK's Channel Four



David Hallberg Talks About Joining The Bolshoi Ballet



To Appear Sincere


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Danielle DeVor

A Ballerina Looks At Edgar Degas



Charles Askegard Looks Back At A Three-Decade Ballet Career



ABT To Offer Training Course In Russia



Retiring, But Only To Form His Own Dance Company



New Recruits


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Deborah Bull has released a new book, The Everyday Dancer.


She is interviewed by the Guardian here


Deborah Bull in the Guardian


and on BBC Radio 4 here:


Link to Deborah Bull on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour programme


You can listen to this anywhere in the world for the next week, or download it as a podcast.


She's an extraordinary woman, articulate and funny, and a very readable, knowledgeable writer.

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Danielle DeVor

Miami City Ballet Moves To Lure Non-Balletomanes



Ethan Stiefel's Hopes For Royal New Zealand Ballet



No Kilts, But Maybe Some Head-Scratching, At The Scottish Ballet


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Video clip: "Deborah Bull on her life as a dancer"


Interview with Deborah Bull on her life as a dancer and her career with the The Royal Ballet.
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I have just received my copy of this book today in the post - and although I have only read a few pages can thoroughly recommend it. In fact it was very hard to put it down and get on with work that needed doing!

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Danielle DeVor

In researching pre-pro schools and summer intensives, I came across this news article that Martin "Fredmann Takes Artistic Helm at Kirov Academy of Ballet"


"The atmosphere and environment have changed 100 percent,” says Martin Fredmann, newly appointed artistic director of Kirov Academy of Ballet, the Washington, DC–based pre-professional residential school that replicates Vaganova-style training. “The old Soviet influence, the stodginess, the mean-spiritedness of what it was” have been set aside for a new era of openness. The former artistic director and CEO of Colorado Ballet replaces former Kirov Ballet star Marat Daukayev, who had been splitting his time between the DC school and his own academy in Los Angeles.


link to article: http://www.dance-tea...-academy-ballet


Moderators, please move this post as needed. I couldn't find a Kirov Academy pre-professional school forum to add this to.

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Fantastic article. Thank you for posting. :)

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