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Thanks for the link. The youngest dancer highlighted is a peer of my daughter's. I thought her observations and statements were spot on, insightful and true to herself. I could actually hear her voice in her quotes. She is a lovely dancer.

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Thanks for this link. Yasmine Naghdi couldn't have been at the Lower School at aged nine, though, as she would have been too young. I believe she had been a Royal Ballet School Saturday associate but didn't actually get a place in the Lower School until she was 12. Melissa Hamilton's story, with her once-a-week classes, is really amazing!

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My sister started at White Lodge when she was ten (one year early, rather than two). She was the youngest in the school and was put in a little dorm named 'Room Orff' (based on the pronounciation of the Head of the school), which is where the youngest in the school always went, apparently. This was in 1979, though, I don't know whether they ever take children early now.

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Thank you for sharing this link! It is true what they say- the best die young. She really looks like the Alina Somova of the 60s with her beautiful hyperextension and high legs.

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Danielle DeVor

That was really interseting. I thought Mellissa Hamilton's was very inspiring. Thanks for posting! :)

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Ballet Bunnie

This is not exactly ballet, but dance related, and it definitely stimulated my brain and gave me some inspirations, so that's why I want to share with you guys on BT4D!



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My DD shared that with me the other day. Way too cool----especially given that I've always found powerpoints to be tediously boring.

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As a science teacher and a dance fan, I found it very enjoyable! I may look around for a visual I could use in class.

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