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Danielle DeVor

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Danielle DeVor

Cubans - The New Stars Of The Ballet World



Making Wuthering Heights Into Ballet (Don't Try This at Home)



A Whole New Generation of Ballet Boyz



Transforming Neurological Disabilities Into Choreography for the Able-Bodied



Take Your Ballet Classes Online?



It Takes a Village





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Danielle DeVor

How Pointe Shoes Are Made: An Illustrated Guide



'We Are What We Wear': A Ballerina on What a Difference the Costume Makes



Russian Ballet Company for Big Girls Forced to Lower Standards



Black Swan vs. Swan Lake: A Brief FAQ



Learning the Ropes



Style as Content


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Danielle DeVor

Nikolaj Hubbe to Make Return to NYC as Head of Royal Danish Ballet



Seeing Fonteyn, and Knowing What Makes Dance Great



Why Have a Ballet Company Just for Dark-Skinned Dancers?



Miami City Ballet to Make Paris Debut



'The Latest Hit Movie for Misogynists': Alastair Macaulay on Black Swan



How the Joffrey's Dancing Has Changed Post-Gerald Arpino



Maryinsky Mix / Mystery Solo



From Russia with Mixed Love


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This is very relevant for my family - I have one DS and another non DS who is just going to start his Masters in Sport Psychology who has often thought of doing a study on his brother's attitude to dance!

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Thank you. A difficult read but an interesting one.

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The Most Incredible Thing


A very interesting article in today's Telegraph Magazine (a colour supplement of the main paper). A new full length ballet with music by The Pet Shop Boys and choreography by Javier de Frutos will be at Sadler's Wells, London in March . It is based on a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale.

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Danielle DeVor

Sports Medicine


Musculoskeletal injuries in young ballet dancers


Charlotte Leanderson, Johan Leanderson, Anders Wykman, Lars-Erik Strender, Sven-Erik Johansson and Kristina Sundquist



The aim of this study was to examine the incidence of musculoskeletal injuries, site and type of injury, and the most common injury diagnoses in young ballet dancers at the Royal Swedish Ballet School, a public school in Stockholm.


Keywords Ballet – Injury – Overuse – Traumatic – Sweden


Article costs USD 34.00.

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We seem to be crossing into an area of paid articles which border on our "no advertising" policy. We do appreciate the information, but prefer discussions of information that do not carry a price tag.

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I've linked to one or two articles before that were paid article. That, however, doesn't mean they too didn't violate your policy.


When I see a price tag associated with an article, I always provide the price upfront. Some people might be enticed by the title, but are not interested in paying for an article. Knowing that there is a fee associated with the article, they can save themselves the effort.


If you like, I am certainly willing to stop posting links to subscription or fee based academic articles that might be of interest to your readers.


However, before you request that I stop, perhaps give some thought to the following argument.


The ban, I suspect, was put in place to stop people from hawking various wares. You didn't want to turn your site into a free-for-all. That I can certainly appreciate and support.


Most academic articles have a price tag because that's how the various journals support their printing and publication. While this is still commerce--after all, there is money being exchanged--the intent, I would argue--is slightly different. With various wares, the purpose is purely commercial. And with these articles, we hope, the purpose is to make a positive contribution to the dance community.


Please let me know if you would like me to stop. I don't typically don't pay and read these fee based articles. I just thought given your focus on ballet, some of your readers might find the articles helpful or interesting. Either way, I won't be affected as I still spot them. You or Victoria can contact me by message or by email or by leaving your answer here.


Please feel free to delete this entire thread if it is violation.

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In regard to medical articles, the Medical Moderators have requested that they not be posted without running it by them first. I think that this is a reasonable request, and has been in place for quite a long time now.


With that in mind, I'm closing this thread.

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Danielle DeVor

Pop Videos Get The Rock Ballet Bug



How Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Became Colorado's Best Dance Company



Carlos Acosta: 'I'm Already Preparing for the Afterlife'



Paul McCartney Composes Work for New York City Ballet



Musicians' Unions Charge NY City Ballet With "Unacceptable Labor Relations Policy"



A New Dance Boom?



Promise Realized--Or Not



Tennis, Anyone?


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