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Danielle DeVor

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Wow! I saw one of the performances while they were in Montreal. It was beautiful. Act II was incredible.

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Victoria Leigh

Thanks, love my dancers. That link worked last night when I posted it, but it must have been removed by the Montreal Gazette today. :party:

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Wow - that is interesting indeed!!! I was disappointed that I wasn't able to travel to Montreal for the performance of Giselle...I did hear endless praise for the company and the show. And, I guess it's a risk the Cuban Ballet takes each time it tours other countries.

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You have to wonder if the Cuba Nat'l Ballet will even consider touring again outside of their country in the future. Seems like they have a few defections every time they go abroad (according to thee newpaper article).

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Thank you, lovemydancers for the link! Very interesting article. I wish the dancers well!

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Such a sad story! In my opinion, Cook should have spent more time behind bars. Drunk driving is extremely dangerous and not only did he kill Elena, he put many other lives in danger. My thoughts and prayers go out to Elena's family in such a tragic time.

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Streaming video of the trial was available online. Cook's demeanor during the trial was disgusting--he showed no remorse or recognition of anyone other than himself whatsoever.

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Danielle DeVor

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