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Danielle DeVor

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Fantastic! This is great for young dancing men to be able to see. The wife and I are probably going to watch all six parts before we let DS see it, but the first episode, discussing the reactions of others unfortunately really resonanates with us.

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What an amazing article! And what joy to have watched dance/ballet through most of it which certainly dates me but dancewise in a good way.

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Victoria Leigh

Thanks to lsu for sending it to me! :)

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Danielle DeVor

NYCity Ballet Proposes A Social Media Contract For Its Employees



Royal Ballet of Flanders Protests Move To Merge It With Opera Company



Royal Danish Ballet To Livestream US Tour Preview


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Danielle DeVor

Yvonne Rainer's Got Game at the Baryshnikov Arts Center; the Royal Danish Ballet Dances the Guggenheim



Alexei Ratmansky On His Years Running The Bolshoi



A Day In The Life Of The National Ballet Of Canada



A New Score For MacMillan's Manon



Bolshoi's Current Battles Are Part Of A Twenty-Year War



Danza Contemporanea De Cuba - Pure Cuban Dance Comes Out From Behind The Wall


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For those of you interested, here's a link for a very interesting and well written blog about a recent performance given by the Alberta Ballet. I enjoyed reading this because it was written from a non-dancer perspective. I hope all of you enjoy reading this as much as I did.


Alberta Ballet Performance Blog

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Danielle DeVor
Danielle DeVor

Warning: Ballet Is Dying



If you go to a ballet show, you would find out the suscribers in front rows are very old. I went to one in San Francisco last year and I'd say the average age of those frequent attendees are in their 70s and 80s. So I agree the ballet is dying, as stated by this AD who leads one of the largest ballet company in the world who also just got 26 millions funding. Ballet needs a choreographer, who could truly understand the past and do have a vision for future.

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I tend to disagree. I think the ballet world is simply undergoing a change right now. It is evolving. Here is an interesting article written by Wendy Perron http://www.dancemagazine.com/blogs/wendy/3776. Ms. Perron doesn't mention specifics in this article, but she did at the luncheon. If you read the article, you will see a link to another article which showed up in the local paper. It is also interesting in that it quotes Ms. Perron as saying, "I think some people who loved Balanchine so much can’t really see what’s happening now."


In our local area, while most of the funding does come from those in their 60's and up, the audiences are mixed in age. It is also interesting to note that the older adults were the ones who went crazy over the modern dances at the Carreno performance in December, not the younger adults. The younger adults tended to like the more classical forms of dance.

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Danielle DeVor

The 'Phoenix Company': How Ballet BC Came to Be



New Zealand Air Force Flies To Aid Of Nation's Ballet "



Ballet Pirouettes Its Way Into Music Videos



Choreographing A Ballet In An Apple Store (With Customer Input)



Recreating The Ballet Russes For Russia



Teaching Ballet In The Nairobi Slums



Lost Kurt Weill Ballet To Have Covent Garden Revival



Strength in the Middle



Jerome Robbins and Heinz Spoerli share Zurich´s new Double-Bill


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Victoria Leigh

These were sent to me by lsu. Very interesting, though not very earth shattering and a bit lacking in conclusion, as well as amount of inclusion of dancers.


Part I



Part II


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Thanks for posting those! They were interesting, and yes, not very conclusive. I kept waiting for them to comment on female dancers but it never came. It's nice to see actual directors though. I'm always interested to see what they have to say and their demeanors.

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