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Here are links to three academic articles, each of which requires a $25 plus tax payment to purchase and read. An abstract is provided, however, free of charge. These articles are from the Journal of Dance Medicine & Science.


1) The Demands of a Working Day Among Female Professional Ballet Dancers


2) Performance Anxiety Experiences of Professional Ballet Dancers: The Importance of Control


3) Energetic Efficiency, Menstrual Irregularity, and Bone Mineral Density in Elite Professional Female Ballet Dancers


I have not read any of the articles, and thus cannot comment on the value.

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The three videos are great, aren't they? As discussed in the prior post, they are listed on the right hand side of the page.


PART ONE: LOVE - Why dancers love what they do


PART TWO: LIES - Dispelling myths about professional dancers


PART THREE: BLEEDING - Exploring the physical demands of dancing

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Loved it!

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I enjoyed watching them and it was fun to see one of the male dancers who used to be at the school I teach at.

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NPR article: The Tutu's Tale: A Cultural History Of Ballet's 'Angels'


At 5 pm ET, there will be an audio portion added as well.


It is ballet season, which means lots of companies performing The Nutcracker for the holidays and preparing their big shows for the winter months. And at the movies, Black Swan stars Natalie Portman as a stunning ballerina preparing for her leading role in Swan Lake. Everywhere you turn these days, you can see toe shoes — but there is a deep and fascinating history to the art form that few people know.


In her new book Apollo's Angels, historian Jennifer Homans — a former professional ballet dancer herself — traces ballet's evolution over the past 400 years, and examines how changes in ballet parallel changing ideas about class structure, gender, costume, changing images of the ideal body and changing ideas of what the body can physically do. The book chronicles ballet's transition from the aristocratic courtier world in Europe through its place as a professional discipline in the Imperial Court of Russia, and finally as a technique performed on stages throughout the world.


See link above for complete article.


Addendum: A 35 minute podcast at the above link is now available for listening or downloading and listening later.

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What a great interview with Jennifer Homan. She is a very articulate and eloquent speaker, and I really enjoyed listening to the actual interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air. It was a pretty sweeping and interesting interview, covering so much--from ballet history, to cultural changes, life as a ballerina, etc., etc. A half hour well spent. I learned a lot! A great preview to the book.

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