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Danielle DeVor

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Joe McNally is one of my favorite photographers. I thought you might enjoy his blog post here:




For more information on the Giant Poloraid, please see this post:




Unfortunately, I can't link directly to his biography. However, if you're unfamiliar with his work and accomplishments, then, when reading the blog post, just hit his link to his biography. You'll see the link in the upper portion of the screen or menu bar.


I have a few of his books. Although Joe is a wonderful photographer, after reading his books and blogs, I believe he's an even better human being. And that's saying a lot. I wish more were like him.


And if you like his photography, I encourage you to use the Amazon search feature on this forum to find his books on Amazon. They make wonderful stocking stuffers and coffee table books. Using the forum's Amazon search feature to purchase books helps to support this site.

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His photos and writing captures the beauty and (good side of ) humanity in people. We get to see life through his lens (eyes) thank you for sharing that.

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Danielle DeVor

Putting Together the Sugar Plum Fairy's Tutu, Pronto



At Issue: When A Critic Criticizes A Dancer's Weight



Louisville Ballet CEO Abruptly Quits



Choreographing Nutcracker When You Grew Up Without Christmas



Onstage With The "Nutcracker"



The Hard Nut



Like Water Lilies on an Édouard Manet Pont


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Assessment of Congruence and Impingement of the Hip Joint in Professional Ballet Dancers: A Motion Capture Study


The American Journal of Sports Medicine. Fee based article.


Background: Early hip osteoarthritis in dancers could be explained by femoroacetabular impingements. However, there is a lack of validated noninvasive methods and dynamic studies to ascertain impingement during motion. Moreover, it is unknown whether the femoral head and acetabulum are congruent in typical dancing positions.


Hypothesis: The practice of some dancing movements could cause a loss of hip joint congruence and recurrent impingements, which could lead to early osteoarthritis.




Conclusion: Impingements and subluxations are frequently observed in typical ballet movements, causing cartilage hypercompression. These movements should be limited in frequency.






Noise exposure of musicians of a ballet orchestra

Noise & Health: A Quarterly Inter-Disciplinary International Journal


Available on the Web for Free.


With over 70 dancers and its own orchestra, The National Ballet of Canada ranks amongst the world's top dance companies. It performs three seasons annually: fall, winter and summer, plus many shows of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker. The 70-strong orchestra plays an average of 360 hours/year including rehearsals and performances. Rehearsals are held at two locations: one in a ballet rehearsal room with little or no absorption, and the other in an acoustically treated location. Performances are held in the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto. The present survey was done at the request of the National Ballet, since the musicians complained of excessive sound levels and were concerned about possible hearing losses. The survey was performed using five dosimeters Quest Mod 300 during 10 performances of the ballet Romeo and Juliet by Sergei Prokofiev, deemed as the noisiest in the whole repertoire. Results of the survey indicate that the noise exposure levels from only the orchestra's activities do not present risk of hearing loss. Exposure due to other musical activities was, however, not included.
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Cuban defectors reshaping American ballet


Octavio Martin and Yaima Franco say there have been two defining moments in their lives.


The first came in the fall of 2005 when, in a hotel room in southern Mexico during the wee morning hours after a tour performance, the two Ballet Nacional de Cuba dancers decided not to return home with the rest of their company.


The second came several months later, on a cold January morning in Sarasota, when Martin accepted a position with the Sarasota Ballet company.


"From somewhere," Martin says almost five years later, with wonder still in his voice, "we got a second chance."


For Martin and Franco, who assumed they might never dance again, the nightmare of their defection turned into a once unimaginable American dream.


Please see above link for complete article.

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Thanks for the post and it is a nice article about Cuban ballet style. "They became standardbearers of the unique Cuban style, which has been described as the best of the Italian, French, English and Russian systems combined, emphasizing leaping ability, speed and -- in its male dancers -- sheer animal magnetism". and "The distinctive Cuban style -- which emphasizes speed and athleticism, as well as theatricality -- has colored technique standards from New York to San Francisco".


The most intrigue matter discussed is what will happen to Cuba ballet after Alonso, the article mentioned the name of Loipa Araujo. Anyone know who she is?

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The first article mentioned to limit following four movements to prevent impingement of the hip joint including développé à la seconde, grand écart facial, grand écart latéral, and grand plié. Is this even possible for a professional dancer??

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Thanks for the post and it is a nice article about Cuban ballet style.

My pleasure--I appreciate your comment. It's always gratifying to know that others found the article interesting or helpful.

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Victoria Leigh

Loipa Araujo is a wonderful teacher in the school. She is a former principal dancer with the company, and has been teaching for many, many years. I had the great pleasure of watching her classes when she was a guest teacher for two weeks at WSB. I loved her, loved the classes, and learned a lot! :)

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Victoria Leigh

No, it is not possible.

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Thank you for the link, it is very interesting. I recently read "No Way Home: A Cuban Dancer's Tale - by Carlos Acosta" (be sure to use the link above if you're looking for a book at Amazon), which parallels much of what this article is about. I am also impressed the newspaper allotted so much space to the topic! :)

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Danielle DeVor

I read that link. The comments that people wrote after the article were ridiculous. The stereotypes that came out in the comments were worse than those depicted in the movie!!

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