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I never picked up on the meaning of "immashel" until you said it! Gam ani imma shel Noa (acheret)!


I saw the Israel Ballet perform years ago when I was at university in Jerusalem. A trip to the ballet was a surprise gift from my roommate for my birthday. I still have a poster from the show which now hangs in the "ballet room" in our house (a little room in the basement that DD uses for dancing.) I also have a friend here who used to dance with Israel Ballet. Small world.


It was an interesting article; thank you for posting. I really question whether this person has the qualifications needed to turn around the finances of the company and make it successful; I hope she is successful. Israel Ballet is a gem.

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Well we know David Dvir of course and he is always very helpful to aspiring dancers. As you have family in Tel Aviv and know Ivrit you won't be needing my help but anyway let me know if you do need anything. My DS is going to SI at Miami City Ballet this year but he will be back in Israel in August and may attend a course in Israel too. You can PM me if you want more information about David Dvir.

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So now there are three Immashel Noa on this board! Well it is the most popular girls name in Israel.

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Thanks for the link! I'm always interested in ballet in other parts of the world.

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Vaganova Dancer, David Dvir is the Director of Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts Dance Department. They usually have a summer course - perhaps this is what he has invited you for. Why don't you do the summer course at the Israel Ballet itself? Then Bertha Yampolsky would have a chance to see you dance and you can tell her that you are interested in joining the company. How old are you? Are you ready to join a company or do you still have to finish school? If you want to PM me I will send you my e-mail address. I'll be starting rehearsals with the company for Romeo and Juliet any day now, so if you want to send them photos and a CV I could give it all to them personally and see what they suggest about the summer.


SewRibbons - I might know your friend from the Israel Ballet - I've got to know a lot of dancers in my years with the company!

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I can't seem to find any information about the Israel Ballet Summer course or auditioning for the company. I have looked at their website, but didn't find the information that I wanted. Would it be possible for you to point me in the right direction? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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I will check with them about the summer course. At the moment they are busy with the spring course which starts on April 28th. For the past few years they have had a summer course with a guest teacher, so I presume they will again. I'll try and find out for you. Generally to audition you have first to send in a CV, photos and if possible a DVD. There should be a contact e-mail and address on their website. If you can't find it send an e-mail to jeremy@iballet.co.il and he will help you.

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I didn't know that Israel had a Ballet Company! That's so exciting! I want to try to audition for the summer course sometime maybe-I was looking for something like this last year, but I'm already booked for this year :P

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There are also a few other good summer courses in Israel - with more emphasis on modern ballet but always including a ballet technique class every day.

You can check out the Kibbutz Dance Company http://www.kcdc.co.il/DanceCenterEng.aspx. My DS really enjoyed it a few years ago.

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Immashel, I will PM you later tonight!


Hamorah, yes, I will be taking his classes at Thelma Yellin. After we established contact and he invited me to take the summer classes there, I sent him my CV and he seemed impressed, and offered to schedule a private audition for me if he likes me when he sees me. The main reason I am taking the classes with him is because after three weeks in Israel with him, I will be traveling with him and some other people to Salzburg for SIBA, where he's on staff (this is how we originally got in contact). Also, he is allowing me to study there without paying tuition...always a big help ;)


I actually really wanted to take the Israel Ballet's summer course, but I think I will be away during it. I'm coming to Israel on June 16 and leaving for Salzburg sometime around July 6. I'll be in Salzburg from ~July 7 until August 5 at which time I'm going back to Israel for a week until August 11 when I'm flying back here.


Perhaps they will be having classes I can take during that week (August 6-10)?

Or, maybe, I might be able to change my flight so that my stay in Israel is extended; only if I know that I can take classes at Israel Ballet with the purpose of auditioning for Berta Yampolski (otherwise I'm afraid the hassle would be too much for my mom to deal with :P )


To answer your questions - I am 19 and ready to join a company but also open to studying more to further my training. I had intended to audition for some ballet academies this spring (many of them have courses to extend education for my age), but recently my teacher has been pushing me more toward professional auditions. I suppose I am open to anything right now, as long as it gets me closer to my ultimate goal of dancing professionally! I will admit, it's a bit nerve wrecking not really knowing what I'm doing after I come back from SIBA! Hopefully I'll have some options to choose from by then; the more exposure I get the better :)


It would probably be best if I PM'd you as well, Hamorah, so that we can keep this discussion on topic...or maybe we could create another thread to talk about this (unless there is an existing one already)!

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Now that's what I call dedication! Did you see her poor feet!

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Actually this video has been out for quite a while - it's not new

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