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Danielle DeVor

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She writes so well. And her video has been all around. :) Glad to have met its maker more now! What a lovely tribute to this company and an important reminder of what the road ahead can really be like for a dancer.

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What fun...great photos, thanks for sharing!

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Oh my goodness! What an amazing story-- not only that the doctor was in the audience, but that the doctor's wife taught the young man at SUNY Purchase! Thanks for sharing, Momof3d.

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Wow! Warms the heart to read of the generosity of kind people. So glad the dancer is OK, I hope he can keep dancing.

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This was a great article! At our studio there are almost always three doctors in the audience-two of them being pediatricians.

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Wow. This dancer was really lucky that the doc was watching. I have got a friend who is studying right now at SUNY Purchase.

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