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GTLS Designs

I do wish there were more shots of the costumes - all of those patterns & shapes are fabricated/pieced. The amount of hand work that went into these costumes is astounding!!

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By now most of you will have read or heard something about the labour issues this summer at the Metropolitan Opera. Here is a link to an article in the Wall Street Journal, which notes the potential for the Met contract deals to set a precedent for the funding mechanisms of other arts organizations...



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ballet valet

Although I have conflicting views on union power, it seems like this is a good step. The employees don't have to suffer the brunt of the pay cuts alone. Hopefully, the quality of the art being presented will not suffer. Sounds like artistic decisions will be more by committee in order to be profitable. Might be tough on the AD's egos?!

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Here is a news article about IBStage, which is a summer program and gala held in the Barcelona area. Its director says that they will be unable to continue in that country due to lack of funding and support (remember that Barcelona was also the last location for Angel Corella's company). The article is in Spanish:




Here is a link to the IBStage site itself. The 2014 program is in full swing and the gala (with some outstanding international stars) is at the end of August:



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I did see this exhibit in Washington, DC. It was phenomenal. So happy I made the effort to get to DC while it was there. Had I known it was in Tokyo, while I was there, I would have gone to see it again.

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Fantastic! Great for the Goh and great for Canadian dance. Thanks for sharing!

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