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To our Respected Members:

It has always been in our guidelines that we do not discuss politics or religion here. The reason for that has always been to respect our membership from every country, every political attachment and every religion. There are some issues that are hard to discuss without them becoming political or religious in nature. It is a very fine line to walk. We have been contacted by several members asking about a thread on current political topics and we have been discussing how to proceed as Moderators and Administrators. We know how hard that can be when issues arise that can greatly affect those near and dear to us.

Even in keeping our guidelines of no discussion of politics or religion, as Moderators and Administrators of BTFD, we still feel our obligation is to make sure you are informed so that you can sit with those issues and make a personal determination if and how they affect your life or your thinking. We have always had an obligation to discuss topics to educate parents of dancers, teachers of dancers and dancers themselves. Championing a path to a dance career is one of those such issues. Because of that, from time to time, we have delved into dancer insurance, dancer pay and reasons for it being so low in our country. We have even discussed the availability of dancer jobs or lack thereof and of course, we encouraged you to support your local dance company as well as our nation's best. Re-visit our threads where we have discussed these issues over several years. Be informed and be aware.

Within the news community, there have been recent reports that there are possibilities that health insurance will no longer insure a child to the age of 26 under their parent's policy without that child being a full time student. There are also recent reports that question a place for the National Endowment of the Arts and other programs that help fund the arts from our new Administration. We know that these are issues that affect you as parents, teachers and dancers as you make determinations if and how you might proceed toward a career in ballet or any arts. We know that if these two things are truly eliminated that many of you will make different decisions for your own children in regards to this journey and it's worthiness. We also know that the verdict is not in yet on either issue. Again, Be informed and be aware.

We, as Moderators and Administrators here, pride ourselves on our ability to help guide you through the world of ballet by allowing a forum where you can meet others in the field, talk to those who have been there before, share stories and ask questions. We know that we do not always agree with our membership or they with us. But we still work to provide information to help you along the way, to brave the path toward a career if that is what your child chooses. With respect to you and your belief system, we do ask that you research not only these two issues but others related to the arts and continued arts support as we enter a new era. We ask that you become aware of how you might personally be affected, how ballet companies in the US might be affected and if the path changes for you should either of these things become truth. Then no matter what your thoughts are, please add these things to your discussion with a budding dancer, dance school, dance teacher or dance company. Research company budgets and then research how much funding came from the agencies now being reviewed to be eliminated.

If you so choose, discuss your feelings with your representatives no matter what your opinion is. We give you this method to find them: Text 520-200-2223 then put in your zip code and the names and phone numbers of your representatives will be returned in a text to you.

As Moderators and Administrators, we will continue our discussion behind the scenes on ways to discuss pertinent issues related to ballet with you including continuing to discuss options on this one. Thank you to those who contacted us to see if there were ways to bring up prior to doing so yourselves. We hope you will continue to share the wisdom of your journeys to help our parents who have not yet braved these waters do so with support.

Thank you!

Your BTFD Team of Moderators and Administrators

National Endowment for the Arts: Serving our Nation through the Arts

Grant Search: Ballet

Federal Funding reportedly to be cut for the Arts

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Bumping up with another article worth a read by all dancers, teachers and parents of dancers.


The National Endowment deserves it's funding


How the US funds the Arts

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Bumping up to add another great link:


Lincoln Center Statement

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National Endowment for the Arts has put out a statement today.


Statement about proposed budget cuts


Statement should be #1 on the photo header, but if not for you, then here is a direct link: proposed cuts


We would again like to state that while we do not discuss politics here, we do believe this should affect all dancers, dance parents and teachers regardless of political persuasions and therefore feel it's important to continue to update you about this issue so that you can be active in whatever manner you choose.

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A link to a letter to personalize if you so choose. For those unfamiliar with Performing Arts Alliance, DanceUSA which we are more familiar with is a member of PAA.


Performing Arts Alliance Sample Letter and E-form

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Dance Magazine article: How to save the NEA


Proposed Elimination of NEA


Facts and Figures to make a case for Arts funding. About halfway down the page is a state by state listing of some of the prior year's grants issued.

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