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3) NOT PERMITTED: What you CANNOT Discuss or Post!!!

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The ability to post as a member of Ballet Talk for Dancers comes with innate responsibility.    It is our member's responsibility to understand our guidelines for posting, what is allowed and what is not allowed and adhere to those posted guidelines.  Our goal is sharing in a discussion format, but there are some subjects that over time we have learned do not need to be discussed here.  With that stated, any post by a member that does not adhere to these posted guidelines will be "hidden" without question by our Moderating Team.

Questioning Moderation:  Ballet Talk for Dancers is a heavily moderated discussion forum.  Our Volunteer Moderators are given the task of determining if posts adhere to our guidelines and regulations here.  They do so based on guidelines given by the site's ownership, over time, of what is acceptable posting practices and what is not.  Therefore, the decisions of the Moderating Team are final.  Any posts that question Moderation, are disrespectful of the Moderation, and/or take shots at a member of the Moderating Team will be removed without question.  Continued disrespect of the Moderating Team will result in a suspension of the membership.  

Weight:  It has been our experience, over time, that as Members and Moderators, that we are not able to have productive conversations about weight here.  This includes posting height and weight in conjunction with each other.  We do not wish to place weight as an identifier of whether a dancer's physique is right for ballet or not.  There are too many variables to make simply those two variables the end all be all.  Any references to weight will be removed without question.  

Advertising:  We do not allow Advertisements for ANYTHING on Ballet Talk for Dancers. For years, we have held off using sponsors so that our membership was not bombarded with ads from this group or that business.  We simply ask the same of our membership. We have forums where certain information can be posted, but we do not allow press releases or ads about schools, summer programs, school performances, master classes, etc.. We also do not allow anyone to post about selling something. That is what ebay is for. Press releases about professional performances are allowed, and certain announcements of auditions and/or situations which provide work for dancers, or dance people, are permitted. When in doubt, it is always better to ask first.

Photos, Videos, or Links to Young Dancer Social Media:   Not permitted due to privacy concerns, as well as safety concerns.  Yes, we know that times have changed and this is available on several social media outlets.   However, we have no desire to have that here.  

Ballet Talk for Dancers has always been very serious about protecting the privacy and 'real world' identity (as much as possible) of all of our members. However, we try to take special care in promoting the protection of our teen members' privacy. Our concern in this regard extends to protecting the privacy of other young dancers who may not be members of BT4D, but who may be associated or acquainted with a BT4D member. As non-members, they may not even be aware that their identity or privacy has been breached, whether intentionally or unintentionally by posts here on BT4D. Therefore, we take seriously our responsibility to not encroach upon their privacy.

In keeping with our privacy policies regarding the young dancers, we do not permit the linking of YouTube videos of young dancers. It is all too easy for the young dancer's identity and/or location to be discovered via those videos using simple Internet search skills. We will not encourage the dissemination of personal information of ANY young dancer for any purposes via our Board. This has been a long-standing policy of the Board and does include YouTube videos, photographs, websites, etc.

Copyrighted Material:  Policy on copyright material: please do not post copyright material.  We allow links to valid Ballet articles (not from blogs) that you would like to discuss.  These links should take members to the actual article and should be from reputable new sources.  Ex:  newspaper articles and reviews, etc




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