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2020-2021 Second Company, Apprentice, Trainee Congrats thread


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Eligus, congratulations to you and your DD!!!!! Even when when it seems like you are doubting yourself, your words are wise.  Over time as I searched this forum for answers, (yep, I do that too!) I’ve always enjoyed reading your entries. Thank you for always sharing!  

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Congratulations all! It’s so refreshing to read good news!!  The details you share about your journeys and advice are so appreciated.  😊

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Congratulations, Eligus! It’s quite a roller coaster and challenging to just enjoy the ride.

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Congratulations, Motherhem and Eligus and your DDs!  Thank you both for sharing your thoughts, experience and wisdom!  So happy to hear great news...

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Congratulations Motherhem and Eligus and to your daughters! 

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Gender: Female
Main/Most recent training: (ex. small local school, small company affiliated school, residency, etc. Do not list the program unless you want to): Professional program, large, company-affiliated school

Level of school completed: high school grad
Audition method: Cattle Call held at company studios where DD trained, so not a huge NYC-size class
Position granted: Second company with bi-weekly stipend, shoes (pointe and technique), and access to volunteer medical/PT staff (but NOT insurance). Second company is considered highest level of school but also must adhere to company schedules, etc.
Position process/progress: Hired from "outside"--offer made at audition
Location of company: US
Was this contract offered at a competition or because of competition attendance? No

What words of wisdom would you offer those coming behind you about your journey or what you've learned being in the journey? This is bittersweet good news for our family. Younger DD is the one who signed a contract while older DD, who was not offered a promotion from her second company, was heading into the thick of her auditions in March, most of which were cancelled, leaving her empty-handed. Going into this audition season, we all felt very knowledgeable and confident; after all, this was my second time as head cheerleader and logistics expert, and younger DD had the wisdom of her sister and all of her sister's friends to carry her through. We knew that the goal was just one "yes" for each DD, but this year, there was but one "yes" altogether.

We have learned here on this Board that there are many roads to Rome, and that, along with encouraging DD to listen to herself and not be concerned with others has been an important lesson. DD was lucky enough to find her "people" over the last two years at the company-affiliated school, and though she struggled with friendships and a less-than-nurturing environment in our local studio, she learned from that how not to sweat the small stuff, especially the drama.

My "advice" to my DD's has always been that they need not be the first one standing, but rather the last one, a sort of twist on a picture my in my father's office: The race is won not by the swift but by those who keep running. I have learned to let go and let them lead me, providing them support when they need it and letting them vent and just listening sometimes. With the pandemic and its effects, this year has meant "going with the flow" in so many ways, and it has really made both DD's strengthen their resolve that this art is what they are, not just what they do, and it has really forced them to view the challenges they have faced as strength building and not strength draining.

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Congratulations on your younger DD's contract! Best wishes to your older DD that she will also gain a contract as we emerge from this pandemic. 

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Congratulations to your younger daughter!  It's so nice to hear some good news.  And best of luck to your older daughter.

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Congratulations to your daughter Blanche!  I can not imagine how tough it must be to have more than one dancer in the home. You all sounds like you are making the most of a tough situation. Sending hugs and luck to both of your daughters, I hope the older gets her shot this year!

Eligus, I think I missed you before but wanted to say congratulations! I know it has been a long road (isn't it always???). Best of luck to your daughter this fall!

Motherhem, I missed you too. Congratulations to your daughter, best of luck for the fall and thank you for those very wise words of wisdom! 

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Blanche -- what a bittersweet moment.  Congratulations to your younger DD on her next step, but also a huge congratulations to you, and your older DD, for rising above the difficult personal issues and times to see the value and greater good in the art.  I wish your still seeking DD strength and clarity in the coming year.


Thanks to everyone for the well wishes expressed in here.  I know seeing others obtain something that you (or your DK) is working so hard toward can be both rewarding (there is hope!) and daunting (it'll "never" happen to me!).  Thank you for rising above the fear and encouraging others.

I truly hope you all find a sense of peace in your journeys.  

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