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NYT guide to online dance viewing mid-May 2020


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mom2, that link led me to the Times, but to a completely blank page—other than the masthead of the Times.  I find that happens sometimes when I try to link to one of these newspapers.  Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t—-and sometimes just deleting and doing the exact same thing works.  Gremlins!!! :shrug:

ETA:  and oops! I clicked on it again and it took me to a page, but requested I sign up for a free account to view it. :shrug:


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I have a subscription for the Times, so don't have difficulty accessing content (unless there is a video link that can't be shown outside the US).

For those of you who have trouble accessing the NYT content, you can still view the Lines videos from the Lines YouTube channel.  I've watched the first one, which is referenced in the NYT article, and it's quite lovely.


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