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Bunions in the making?


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So my daughter is nine, so not yet on pointe but working towards it. She has nice strong feet and high arches, but I am noticing that her big toe angles inward quite a lot, causing the joint to stick out past the line of her foot a good bit. Is there anything that she can or should be doing to correct that now, even though it isn't causing pain in soft shoes? 

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I would take her to a podiatrist that specializes in dance to be evaluated.

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I had wondered if seeing a podiatrist was premature since she isn’t having pain yet, but if there are things she can do more easily to help while she is still growing, now is the time as puberty has definitely arrived recently.

She does roll forward when standing, so I had considered that may be part of the problem. Her teachers remind her not to do that but haven’t given her any particular exercises to help her stop. She has a private lesson this week so I might ask her teacher to look at her feet and see if she has ideas.

It has been a while since I retired my pointe shoes, but I don’t remember having trouble with bunions, but her feet look nothing like mine!

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Momtomildandmeek, we currently do not have an active Health & Nutrition forum, which is where this type of question belongs.  We believe questions regarding health should be addressed to medical professionals that can see, diagnose, and plot a course of treatment or give recommendations based upon in-person examinations.  We do not have that capability here and we don’t really have the knowledge as unknown cyber-folks to offer much information that is pertinent to an individual situation.  The best that could be offered would be well-meaning anecdotes or guesses (which really isn’t the best idea).

Our Health & Nutrition forum used to provide a triage point that was helpful to our members regarding typical issues encountered in the dance world.  However, we are currently without a Medical Moderator, so our Health & Nutrition forum is currently READ ONLY. https://dancers.invisionzone.com/forum/127-ballet-related-nutrition-and-health-issues/

Nevertheless, the Forum does remain open for reading and researching.  I’m pretty sure there is quite a bit of information regarding bunions in that forum.  I would invite you to Search the Health & Nutrition forum for information while you are waiting for an in-person appointment with your health care professional.

There is also most probably a lot of information about bunions in the Pointe Shoe Forum.  I would recommend you do a Search in there, as well.  Clara76, one of the Pointe Shoe Moderators has a lot of insights regarding bunions and pointe shoes.

Given that we are unequipped to deal with new medical-based questions at this time, I must close this thread.

We look forward to your participation in other discussions with us. 

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