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Guest beckster

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Guest beckster

I know this has been asked before but I can't find the thread. I'm thinking of buying some soft block (or whatever they are called) shoes. I've worn deshanked pointes in class before but since they never fitted me right I thought I might try the real thing. I know that Freed, Gamba and Bloch all make them. Does anyone here use them? Are they worth the money or should I just wait until my pointes die - could be awhile since I won't be doing any pointe in the near future! Can you recommend any particular brand?

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I don't wear them of course, but our kids tend to favor Freed's for RAD exams. I rather like them, and think that either they or Gamba are fine technique shoes. Bloch's version, I have not seen.

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try in the search option typing Gamba delco for one thread or type soft pointes to get loads. There a gazillion threads on soft pointes. I really can't bear to go through the whole thing again as its been done to death already

:( apologies.


I have my gamba delcos and I love them. Go buy a pair, if you hate them then fine, but they will harden up and prepare your feet for pointe work. You can't be lazy wearing demi pointes. You will find your calf muscles ache a lot after wearing them, and that your balance will be off slightly in center work until you get used to the feel of them.


If you have any questions that haven't been answered in the other threads then please ask.:)


Jeanette x

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I personally use Bloch, and I love them (they look very wide, but they feel great)..


YES, do use the real thing, because for me it was a revelation. I always used the handmade version, until I realised the real thing are WAY softer at the tip... I mean, I tried everything with mine, from taping on them with a hammer, to the 'in the door' thing...etc.... They never seemed to get soft enough (or rather, they always did, eventually, at the end of each class as I was warming them, but then got all hard again when they dried). So, the real thing should make a difference.

For me, they hurted my foot (the arch) and not the calf, but there is no doubt that it works on something! :(

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Hi Beckster, I swear by soft pointes and freed i find are the best. If you fancy going into London for a day and trapsing round all the dance shops (i know nearly all of them) give me a call. I have quite a lot of days off over the next two weeks, i would say i would see you at class but i wont be there til next week as i have a chest infection:( and i dont fancy collapsing on the floor being unable to breathe. Retail therapy is what i need.

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