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Mel Johnson

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The Buddy Board is a private forum for teens (ages 13-18) that we have set up for young dancers to chat loosely about ballet, and also to run polls and send more confidential information like names and email addresses.

Because this is a board where sensitive information may be posted, we want to be sure that the members there ARE really Teens (18 and under), and not some masqueraders looking for "little ballerinas". :) Therefore, we have a 14-day minimum for members to be on the board, and a minimum of 30 substantive posts, so we get to know who you are. Substantive posts do not include "OK, thanks", "Yes, I know", or any posts on the Brag Board.

 We suggest that you make no more than 10 posts a day while you're building up to 30 posts, and that those posts should be substantial.  We've held up changing members over to Teens membership for flooding the board with nonsense posts.

When you meet the critieria (age, 14-day presence, minimum of 30 substantive posts), you may request admission to the Buddy Board here:  https://dancers.invisionzone.com/topic/67309-buddy-board-requests-to-join/


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