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COVID-19 related budget cuts and season changes

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I saw today that Texas Ballet Theater has cut its 2020-21 budget by $2 million (almost 20%) and delayed the beginning of its season until The Nutcracker opens in November. The 20/21 season was originally scheduled to open in September with Beauty and the Beast. 


The article does say that although salaries are being reduced and dancer contracts are being reduced from 40 weeks to 38 weeks, they do not anticipate layoffs.

I’m curious what other companies have announced in terms of budget and program changes.

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Great interview on local Texas news with TBT.  Includes discussion about future theatre and arts live performance, they are working with Governor.  Nice to see this in the news as it brings hope!



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Just seeing your post now. I just posted the local tv news interview with Vanessa Logan.  She discusses much more than the budget cuts and it's a great interview!  Good to see more media coverage on the impacts in the ballet world.


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I believe we will see more and more of this coming forward, most unfortunately.   Several states have given performing venues their ever moving parameters for performances.  I talked with a friend who runs a company recently and she was lamenting how in the world to do Nutcracker with the dancers having to stay 6 feet apart and that it cost more to actually put the production into motion than they would receive in income from a house that is filled to about 1/3 of capacity every night.  I hope that things level out.  But with the football players returning to campus and already numbers of asymptomatic players already having to quarantine in just the 1st week, my hope is dashing daily that a new season will start as planned.  I hope I am wrong.  

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Joffrey Ballet just announced that they are cancelling the rest of the 2020 calendar year.  They hope to move forward with their early 2021 performances.  However, no Nutcracker is a huge blow to their operating budget, as it will be , I'm sure, for many other companies.

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Big sigh.  😢 Discussing this with my DD this a.m. about case counts rising, and I posed a big "what-if" the outcome is that we continue to get the cases now, and it's all over by Fall.  Wishful thinking, and difficult for the larger companies to pivot. Hoping that at least the small pre-pro programs can pivot and make it happen if it turns out to be safe!

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My daughter participates in a community production of The Nutcracker, and I’m on the board of directors of the nonprofit that produces the performance. For the past 25 years, we’ve held the production at a theater located on a local university campus. Yesterday, the University announced their Fall reopening plan, which includes a major calendar change. The students will be sent home for the semester at Thanksgiving break, meaning that the theater’s student production staff won’t be in town to work our production this year. We’re going to have to dramatically shift gears now. None of the other theaters in the area currently plan to open through the end of the year, and if they do, it will likely be at 1/4 capacity. We have a decent operating budget, but there’s no way we could manage to break even selling so few tickets.

We’ve seen it coming, but it’s a blow nonetheless. This year is our 25th anniversary. We had such big plans. 

Fortunately, at our last board meeting, we created a committee to come up with a contingency plan for our production. Although nothing can replace the in-theater experience, I know the artistic directors will come up with a creative alternative. 

I’m still routinely struck by how strange our lives are now, but we will solider on, right?

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New York City Ballet has canceled their fall season, as well as The Nutcracker.

From their website — https://www.nycballet.com/NYCB/media/NYCBMediaLibrary/PDFs/Press/2020-06-18_NYCB-2020-Fall-Season-and-Nutcracker-Announcement.pdf.

And New York Times article — https://nyti.ms/2N8vxPj (you may need to be a subscriber to NYT to read the full article).

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ABT just cancelled their fall season as well. I’m not sure about Nutcracker in Costa Mesa. 

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Cleveland Ballet is advertising a fall/winter season including Nutcracker. Anyone have any insights into how that can be?

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Not sure about Ohio but Indiana just entered phase 4 of 5 and plans to go to phase 5 on Jul 5.  Founds some articles discussing theaters could open at 50% on June 12  but with mixed results in Terms of the venues coming up with much.  There were a couple venues planning for performances starting late summer early Fall.  I think this will be state by state.

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