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My 13 year old needs encouragement


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When my now 21 DS was 16 he was sidelined with a mysterious foot ailment. We had just emigrated and he had no friends. He couldnt dance at the studio and show himself. That was a tough time which he remembers well. He has never had a really serious injury but it seems he has learned  how to manage injury. One of his teachers talked about this with me afterwards and said that this is a skill every dancer needs to have since this happens to all of them. She said that the ones who cope and thrive have other interests which they lean on at those times (some other creative outlet). They learn to remain active with the rest of their body so that they can still do port de bras or marking out or whatever. She said that it is critical that this skill be learned also or they dont survive. She explained that dealing with injury and recovery is as important as having good technique when they are 100%. In fact most dancers carry around an injury that they manage all the time. I know that is hard for a 13 year old to get their minds around but perhaps pointing her in the direction of any Youtube videos that talk about managing injury as a dancer might help?

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Thank you that was actually very enlightening, that this is an essential skill to being a dancer.  I will try to find some videos and talk to her about that angle of it.  And I found a local Pilates a teacher that is doing in person privates, so that's a start.

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