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I want adventure (grande allegro) in the great wide somewhere (dance studio)

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Chasse Away

I’m going crazy I want to go back to the studio so bad! I know this is for the benefit of everyone’s health, but if malls can be open then why can’t dance studios? Surely we can keep our distance and all wear masks and not touch each other, the studios large enough for us all to stay well spread apart! I don’t know, maybe we aren’t ready for it, I know everyone’s health is still important but it doesn’t stop me from missing dance.

And I had a goal to really improve my technique during quarantine, and it kind of worked but I also regressed in a lot of other aspects. My floor is too slippery so I haven’t really been able to turn. I don’t have a real barre so I’ve been very wobbly (this is my personal problem I know I can’t blame it on quarantine), I can only do grande allegro in the back yard, but of course I can’t brush the leg since the grass is in the way. I can’t even do a proper balancé. My extensions have regressed for some reason and I feel weak and off balance. And I am thankful for the little space I do have, I am, I know lots of people don’t even have a backyard. But I just miss the studio that’s all. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way. The worst part is not knowing when we’ll go back, it could be months😭😭😭. I don’t even want to think about it! 

In summary, I just miss the studio, I understand that there are worse things in the world right now, but I still miss the studio and want to know when we can go back so I can look forward to it. 

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I hear you on this!  I have been doing "living room ballet" for the last two months, but I really miss being in the studio, both for the space and the social interactions with my fellow adult dancers.  The school I usually dance at hasn't made any announcements about their plans for when they will be re-starting in-person classes through the open program, though I know that they have transitioned their (large, draws students from around the country) summer program to a virtual format so I am not super optimistic that they will be opening the studios to local students any time soon.

In the meantime, I've just been trying to do the best I can in my living room.  I can't really jump on my floor (two-footed sautes are about all I feel comfortable with), so I usually cut out of virtual classes before they start any jumps.  But, that has made the timing work out so that I can take classes with two of my favorite teachers right in a row some days, and that's been a really pleasant surprise - I like getting to start the second class already super warm and ready to focus on alignment and using all the little muscles correctly.  I also have to say that the wobbliness of my at-home barre substitute really bothered me at first, but I've been trying to view it as a positive... I'm learning a LOT about where I cheat my weight placement, and I think it's forcing me to improve on that front, at least.

Anyway, hang in there.  We will get to go back someday - just keeping my fingers crossed that it is safe to do so sooner rather than later!

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